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  • Waahh...I found this video on YouTube!!
    It's a some kind of "Behind the Scenes of This Too Shall Pass - RGM version " video!
    I like it pretty much especially the last part where Damian is explaining how the
    machine works and he's just talking,talking and talking... laugh.gif
  • HEY ALL! I thought about making a new topic thread for this, but I didn't! Woot.

    So, in the ITUNES STORE under Ok Go , as of either today or yesterday (because I check it a lot) there has been posted a new video!

    A live video. It's entitled "White Knuckles, Live From Cargo, London"

    So go, you all, and buy it. It's fantastic.
  • Another video I found a minute ago: Video Hits interviews OK Go ( It's about their upcoming videos,video ideas..)

  • These are some shots from the first tour after Oh No came out.

    Tim and myself after the show
    I got to talk to Tim for a while after the show and ask him some questions I always wondered about.

    Ah, dance fighting.
    Mid-dance-fighting. That guy in the bottom left was so entertained.

    Sweet bass action.
    Tim was really rocking that night. All the guys put on a great show, but that night Tim was on fire.

    I couldn't have been any closer to Andy
    If I were any closer to Andy, I'd be Andy.

  • Not sure where to post this to let you all know....  I uploaded the two concert videos that I took at the Tokyo show in Feb. to the gmail account that was set up.  Enjoy!


  • By the way, this is the same Kat from Tokyo as before (katmarie24).... I tried to use my same login for the new site (using the instructions), but it didn't work for me.  Not a huge deal, I didn't have that many posts anyway, so just starting over. 


  • agentnumone said:photo i took from spin mag <3

    that is sooooooo cute and adorable!

    i think this is a very lush photo of andy Wink

  • YAY! I found another video of OK Go covering "Wave of Mutilation" by The Pixies Laugh

    I love this cover so much ♥
  • agentnumone said:photo i took from spin mag <3

    Hey, the article reads "bachelor pad." I thought Damian was married?

  • PinkMuffin said:

    YAY! I found another video of OK Go covering "Wave of Mutilation" by The Pixies Laugh

    I love this cover so much ♥

      Thanks for posting this!  I love when they cover this :)

  • Ditto! Thanks for posting that Melanie - it's such a pretty cover!
  • I saw this photo of Damian and was for some reason a bit shocked...I simply never saw this photo before,especially I never saw Damian wearing something blue that often! XD  Silly, irrelevant remark I know... :D

  • ^^Wow, I am so not used to him having the shaggy hair. He looks like, ten in that picture.
  • if you've seen the video on youtube where youtuber 'callen1034' does a drum cover of 'This Too Shall Pass' heres the video where hes onstage with OK Go in Denver:

    Andy wears a very nice orange suit Laugh

    (if you havn't seen the drum cover...where have you been? watch it now! )

  • That's awesome, SB!  Thanks for posting it.  Man, I wanna be that kid.

    Here's a cute little interview with Damian.

  • Who wouldn't want to be him? hehe Wink

    i found some photos from that gig on flickr:

    Gangsta Tim

    Andy and his B-E-A-U-tiful guitar

    All photos are from here

  • aross in orange is fantastic!  i hope he wears that the whole tour lol

  • Tim's outfit is pretty amazing too.  I wonder if they're gonna wear the same thing every night this tour.

    Also, can I just say that I love all the new sigs I'm seeing?  Quotes from "I Blew Myself..." (my favorite song on Cantarell), the climactical command from The Doctor in one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who... Brilliant, people, BRILLIANT.

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