Can you guys help me out? I could possibly play Lilith Fair in DC!

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I know this should really go on the Music Discovery Board, but that board doesn't get that much traffic, and being that we're all friends here, I'm gonna post.  I had a hard and fast rule about not using the boards to promote my music, but you guys are mostly my facebook friends anyway, so whatevs.

I am in a contest to play at the Lilith Fair.  Here's the link to my song entry:

I'm not entirely sure how the voting works, I hate to say, but give it a shot, people.  "Like" the song, favorite it, whatever.  Let's see what we can do to at least improve my spot in the standings, pretty please?  If you figure out the voting, let me know.  Thanks!!


  • I've gone through what I think is the actual judging. This takes some time but if it'll help Rachel it's worth it.Smile

    You need to create an account, then go to the Judge tab at the top of the page. Under Lilith Fair Channels find Washington DC. You can choose either Sorting 4 songs or Head to Head. You have to listen to at least 15 seconds of each song before it'll allow you to vote. It's time consuming but once you've listened to each song the required amount of time you can just go ahead and vote. The site actually remembers where you were so you can go back to voting later without having to listen again.

    Rach, your song has only come up twice for me so far, but I'll continue to vote whenever I get the chance. Good luck!!!

  • You've got my vote!  Good luck!
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