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I figured I'd start this thread because there might be some interest in purchasing USBs from shows one has not been to. We can post on here a highlight of that particular night's show that probably won't be available on any other USBs.

4/21 Indianapolis, IN - It's the first USB. Who doesn't want the very first USB they sold?

5/14 Tampa, FL - Les Miserables.



  • GREAT idea, Becky!

    I just listened to 5/3 in Philly yesterday, and my favorite part is where Tim is judging the TTSP audience participation and he says "Check it out Philadelphia 'cuz I love you, I Luuuvvv you.  I'm gonna give you a second chance to blow the roof off and show me that this is the Keystone State.  But I gotta hear it, and you gotta brung it." 

    Fun stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

    4/30 in Williamsburg includes Damian confessing that he's never actually talked to G-d in re: the handbells.

    5/5 in DC has some great banter, mostly about Net Neutrality.  The cursing factor is through the roof, though.  Mr. & Mrs. Kulash get a shout out (as do I, for that matter).  They also discuss Cinco de Mayo being a made-up American holiday.

    5/9 in Baltimore includes "Fashion Time with OK Go" and Damian letting the audience make requests because they didn't feel like playing Debaser.  They played You're So Damn Hot.

  • Aside from the fact I got the Indy picture on my Detroit USB, it's a pretty hilarious show.

    Damian talks about the poor state the city of Detroit is in, and goes on a rant about dick drawings and how they mean a city is doing well. I'll have to listen to it again to figure out exactly what he says, but it was pretty funny.

  • katieyellow said:

    Aside from the fact I got the Indy picture on my Detroit USB, it's a pretty hilarious show.

    As in you got Indy's personal message? That kinda sucks. No, it sucks a lot actually.

    5-14-10 Tampa - In addition to Les Mis, it has YSDH, Tim channeling Ethel Merman while singing Hot In Here and some banter about strip clubs. And Bridget, the 12 year old that got to play tambo on Back From Kathmandu.

    5-15-10 Orlando - This has both YSDH and Debaser on it. And Damian talking about getting arrested the last time he was in town for a show and that Orlando is where they filmed the HIGA vid. He also talked about going to Gatorland.

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  • I was at the 5-11-10 show in Raleigh, NC  (my first OK Go show, yay!) so I thought I'd add some info here.  I don't really know what specifics people might be interested in, so here's the set list and some banter highlights:

    Invincible, Needing/Getting, A Million Ways, All Is Not Lost, IWYSBICB, White Knuckles, OLISQ, A Good Idea At The Time, HIGA, WTD (handbells), Last Leaf, Don't Ask Me, Get Over It, Back From Kathmandu, Debaser (Pixies cover), TTSP, [encore:] WTF?, Skyscrapers, DWYW.

    Damian said that Raleigh is where his Dad was born.  Damian also told us that his grandfather studied a beetle in Raleigh, and the beetle was later named after his grandfather.

    It was the birthday of Ilene, "the merch girl", and also of a guy in the audience, who Damian dubbed "WonTon", so the band and audience sang them a happy birthday.

    Damian offered to let the audience request a song, but after "Hello My Treacherous Friends," "Shooting the Moon," and "WTF?" were all vetoed, they played "Debaser."

  • katieyellow said:

    and goes on a rant about dick drawings and how they mean a city is doing well.

    I hope he's talking about six-dicks. If he is I have to buy that USB. 

  • Another great thing about the USBs is that you can hear Tim and aross very clearly on backing vocals.

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  • Bump.

    Why? Because the USBs can sell out.

    The 5/15 Orlando Show has sold out. I'm not sure if any others have sold out.

    So, if you want a USB from a specific show, purchase it now.

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  • I couldn't buy an USB in my last purchase (long story, blah blah, cried, drama).

    I was wondering, and who better to ask than you lovely people with far more knowledge on this than myself, which USB's do you recommend for a first buy? :)

  • I wouldn't suggest Hartford in October – while I got it, cuz I was there, there's pretty much NO banter.  The show was still great for me, but for other reasons.  xD

    It did mean I got Return on Handbells though, which I really wanted, so it worked out.

    I still maintain that the first show I went to had the best banter I've heard, but I also haven't heard from other shows in the Spring tour, before they were (so it seems to me) getting tired..

    I don't think that one's for sale, though, so..

    Yayyyyyy, tiny local venues.  xD

  • I'd buy the Spring Tour USB. More content. Wink

    --And the Chicago 10/10/10 at House of Blues - but that's only because I was there with boardies! LaughLaughLaugh

  • thanks y'all

    but I'm curious: has anyone bought the one in Terminal 5? all videos I found of that day just seemed incredibly awesome live...

    I wish MerchDirect would put the setlists on the USB's there...or is there a way of knowing that I don't know about? (probably there is...)

  • It would certainly be a nice feature if Merch Direct would give setlists for the different USBs but I couldn't find that info in the store either. I think you're looking in the right place, by searching/asking on this thread.

    I had been thinking about getting the Terminal 5 USB, because in interviews the boys say NYC is one of their favorite places to play. There is a thread about that show, and a bit of info on the setlist here. In short, according to Rachel, "All Is Not Lost" and "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" were not on the setlist, but "Return" (on Handbells), and "In the Glass" were. Maybe another boardie who was there can fill in further.

    I ended up getting the Spring Tour USB, because--as Amber says--more content, and specifically, a full acoustic set. You may already know this, but you can preview that acoustic set here. Such a great set...very funny.

    **Today IS a good day for buying USBs, last day for the holiday bundles.**

  • Or I could help. ;-)

    Setlist for 10/29:


    Don't Ask

    White Knuckles


    Back from Kathmandu



    Last Leaf







    In the Glass


    The show was a lot of fun.  Not much for banter.  Several technical difficulties.  There are better USBs to buy.  I concur with everyone else on the Spring Tour USB.  It has the most content, and Damian losing his shit during HIGA is enough to make the purchase worth it.

  • Alright, so since this is the topic about USBs, I've started consideringbuying the Spring Tour USB, but I can't really decide..

    I already have two whole live shows on my ipod (one from spring tour, one from fall), so I'm not really sure as to how worth it the House of Blues recording would be, and I already have OTBCOTS (what boardie doesn't?  xP), as well as the first three videos.

    So I just wanted an opinion:

    Is there any good banter on the House of Blues recording that would make it worth putting on my ipod?

    Are the pictures and thank you video good?

    And if not, does the Ex'pressions show make it worth it?

    Take into account that I just got a turntable and now have a lot of records that I'm gonna end up wanting to buy.. and while Ex'pressions is one of my favorite shows I could spend that $25 on probably four or five vinyls instead…

    So.. I dunno.  Should I get the USB?  Or at least would you get the USB in my position? xP


    Becky was here to remove all of that random code that was messing with this thread. Everything else remains untouched.
  • Wow, that's a lotta code up in there. Sadly, I don't know what any of it means, if it's supposed to mean anything that is.

    Anyway, an answer to your questions about the HOB Chicago USB: Damian talks about 10.10.10 and it being Jesus' birthday (the elder, not the younger), he also talks about Doug E. Fresh and the Chicago Marathon that they DJ'd for earlier that day. And during WTD on handbells you can hear me scream "Now nobody knows" followed by either Amber or JennyHP's giggles (not sure if that's enough to get you to purchase it). Those are the highlights that come to mind without listening to the show on my iPod right now. I can't recall what the video was, I think he may have been talking about/with Scholarships, the guy that recorded the live show. I can check it out tonight when I get home if you'd like. 

    Honestly, I'd say use the $25 to get some vinyl. While I think the boys could use some merch money, it's probably quite similar to the fall USB you already own. And if you weren't at the show and don't care quite so much about Doug E. Fresh, it probably won't be a big deal if you didn't get it.

    Having the Spring Tour USB, I can relate to the acoustic set (Ex'pression) because I watched it live. And yes, Damian losing his shit during HIGA is awesome, plus the bit with aross saying he peed himself still makes me giggle. But whenever one of the songs from the Boston show pops up, I usually skip it because it wasn't a show I went to and have no connection to. It kinda feels like I'm an outsider and trying to get in on a good show. Though I will say that the Stephen Hawking bit and the Red Sox bashing were kinda fun to listen to.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Yeh, it's mostly the Ex'pressions thing that's gettingme unsure..  I watched it live to and it was just as I was getting into them andc they say some fantastic stuff on there.  I suppose I can always go back and watch it online, though (at least as long as it's not taken down.. xP)

    Thanks for the input.  :)

  • EDIT: OK I wrote most of this before I saw your latest post. And yes Ex'pressions is still up now, but as you say could be at some point be taken down. Likewise the Spring Tour USB is a limited edition and will eventually sell out.

    That's interesting—it won't let me quote your earlier post, Skylar. But anyway, Becky's covered your question about the Chicago USB. And as to the photos and video on the Spring Tour USB, there are 30 photos which seem to have been taken by the boys or the crew en route, and welcome video which is about 2 mins long, which finds them arrayed around a piano holding martinis or perhaps champagne (not in plastic cups), singing and then addressing the camera. The value of these items is completely subjective. I'd say, most of the photos are about the same as you might find on flikr, with the notable exception of some nice pics of the boys in Dodgers uniforms, a sweet one of Dan hugging Tim, and one where three of them pose as the PBS logo. In the video Damian mints a new word in the VernaKulash, namely "whatforth."

    For me, it was all about the Ex'pressions show. A good-sounding set + "p'ounce" + HIGA meltdown + phantom monkeys + "yeah, tanks are what I normally drive"  = awesome. That alone made the purchase worthwhile for me. But again, subjective. Vinyl, also good. You could take another look at Ex'pressions and that might tip the balance one way or the other.

  • Thanks Rachel!

    Yeah, I'm considering buying both now...but then again, I still have to buy one at a time (the thing is, long story short, my country makes me pay 60% of the price of my package if I spend more than 50 dollars, taxes included. so ordering both of them would be 45 dollars plus shipping = screwed.)

    but yeah, think I'll go with Spring Tour first then! :) Just gonna wait till the end of the week to see if my other order arrivess


  • Holy crap, Skylar, what the heck were you trying to do up there with all the code? Smile

    Oh, heavens, don't take me seriously about the Chicago 10/10/10 show. That suggestion is purely "I WAS THERE, DAMMIT!" Also, I had unexpected available ticket and was able to make it available to JennyHP, new boardie and new friend. (And hear "UNDERWATER!")

    But I have nothing new or pertinent to add here, just more details about Chicago. Smile

  • hahah yep there is a whole lotta horizontal code there skylar  : P  anyhoo. maybe this will make u feel better, I randomly came across a separate .flv stream for the OK Go gig at Ex'pression College which you may (or may not...I was able to tho so shd be OK?) be able to download by right-clicking the OK Go link on the right.  (Then maybe convert to another format so you can fast-forward etc?) 

    At least that way maybe you won't need to waste as much cash on the Spring Tour USB if really this is the only gig you wanted fm the USB. : ) hope this helps! x

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