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What are you listening to right now this second?



  • "Lewis takes action" Owen Pallett

    off his new album Heartland <3 came out the same day as ok go and i didnt realise because of all the blue excitement... but yeah im listening to it for the first time now and its amazing.

    he recorded with an orchestra... took him 4 years to make this album

    so great.

  • The National - So Far Around the Bend

    Anyone else like them? New album & tour coming up. Very excited.
  • I am listening to the Jason Derulo's Whatcha say, i just love this song its awesome i will recommend you all if you
    haven't hear this song yet.
  • Talking Heads - Houses in Motion
  • Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

    *sigh* Sometimes I forget how much I adore this whole album. Gotta love the Boss.
  • Molly Trull and Anodyne - King of Hearts
  • One day like this - Elbow

    I always go for this when I'm feeling a bit pissed and today is one of those days.
  • Listening to Mama Taught Me Better by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I've had their new album, Beat The Devil's Tattoo on repeat all day.
  • John Butler Trio - Revolution off his new album April Rising.  Incredible musicians, and a great new album.
  • Batten Down The Hatch - Snow Patrol

    Such beautiful, relaxing song...made my day! =)

  • David Bowie - Stay ♥♥
  • My new friend, writer Maria Dahvana, has taking to tweeting thing that spur silly mental images,  as well as other things meant to both distract us from actual writing and inspire us to get actual writing done, with me on Twitter.

    She just sent me the best thing ever! It's Glen Hansard (of The Frames and The Commitments and Once) covering "Cactus" by Pixies, live, and it's phenomenal!

    Maria wins today, she has both distracted me and inspired me with this miraculous MP3, though how much of that relates to writing has yet to be seen.

  • HurricaneGabrielle on youtube. That girl can sing!!!

  • The Pretender- Foo Fighters

    It gets stuck in my head so easily but it's a great song so I excuse the stickiness of the song.

  • Hip-hopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous - Flight of the Conchords

  • My brand spanking new "Pixies - Wave of Mutilation" compilation!
  • simple minds - 'dont you forget about me'

    breakfast club, anyone? classic Smile

  • heathermd44 said:

    simple minds - 'dont you forget about me'

    breakfast club, anyone? classic Smile

    Nooooo! Memorieeeeeeesss!

    >says the freak/nerd<

    Oh, and lots of Southern Gospel, to my dismay. Father-in-law and new wife of one day love it. Lots of it at their wedding. Lovely wedding. Wanted to gnaw my arm off with all the Southern Gospel.

    Going to blare all sorts of OK Go and Pixies and King's X and metal/hard/punk rock/etc/whatever when I get home!

  • Right now chilling out before work with a bit of Neil Young
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