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The Way The Boys Have Inspired Me...

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Just a topic of sharing stories on how the boys have inspired you, either physically or emotionally.

Because, we all know that they are that powerful.

For instance, I have rolled up my pants a few times like Tim does, (Mostly to show off my awesome socks)

And I have bought a few hats like Tim's. I also turn to a mush of goop everytime I watch the GOI music video. XD

How about you?



  • HAHAHAHAHA okay.

    For instance, I'm totally trying to steal Tim's daily looks. Pants? All folded. If they aren't, I think it's weird. White sneakers all the way. I'm doing new glasses since mine broke, but yes - they are big. 

    I'm not ashamed to say I'm totally copying him. I do kinda look awesome in it too, what can I do - 'I just call it like it is' 


    Erm, also, been drawing a lot since I learned Damian does awesome drawings too. But mostly since I've seen OK Go fans doing drawings of them. Also, musically, they've inspired me to listen to some new stuff and not be so lazy (is that inspiring?).

    I think mostly they've inspired me to be creative. I'm trying to do all these different things (I'm learning how to play guitar, I'm drawing, I'm thinking of ideas for videos - things I liked doing already but was never like really into)
  • They've definitely inspired me to learn more ASL - I know In The Glass (just uploaded a video, even), and everything of WTD? that I can possibly learn with the resources I have.

    Also, they've inspired me to find more good music.. and listen to it.  Get cooler socks.  Because of them I have three awesome pieces of confetti in one of my hats (they just fell there.. I never touched them.  :D)

    Stuff like that.  xD
  • That's awesome.

    I wonder if before the show Damian just flops in the big pile of confetti. That's what I would do!

    I just LOOOOVE their style. I really need to go shopping for some clothes.
  • As cheesy as it sounds, they inspire me to chase my wildest dreams. I mean think about it, everything they do is totally over the top and awesome. They seem so happy to be doing what they're doing and it's really inspired me to live life the same way. 


    If I was going to say how their music inspires me, we'd be here all day, but if I could sum up in a few paragraphs how the boys inspire me in general I'd have to say they just inspire me all around, like in all ways of life. *queue violins* lol Okay this is getting way to serious business. But also, my musical horizons have broadened SO much since I started listening to them and I'm listening to artists now that I probably never would have known about or given a chance. OK Go inspires me to get creative, be myself, not to stress over the little things in life, dress how I want, be happy, be care free, just everything. OK Go is AWESOME (obviously).
  • I think OK Go has inspired me to be happier. Oh, and more creative- I've started writing and drawing again since I started listening to their music.

    Speaking of their music, I have to say that it makes me happy- bad days come around, but I listen to OK Go (or watch their videos Smile) and I get a mood boost. It's like magic.

    Most importantly, I think, OK Go has inspired me to appreciate opportunities that come my way. Last school year I never would have thought that I could ever be smart enough to take college classes while being in high school (the thought actually terrified me). Yet here I am, in my second quarter as a college/high school student. And I'm always giving credit to OK Go. Laugh
  • In order to spread the love and garner more inquiries about my favorite band, I purchased a couple of their logo shirts and the stupid shirts have inspired me to lose that extra 20 pounds so that I may wear them out in public.  Seriously the slim cut is really slim!!Embarassed


    OK Go seems like they are livin' the dream.  They have made some very personal sacrifices to get where they are but they are staying true to themselves.  That's the most inspiring thing.
  • First of all, *great* idea for a discussion thread.  I'm surprised it hasn't been done before.

    A lot of you guys know this, but whatever, I'l put this up here too.  I always wanted to be a musician.  I went to college for voice, but after I graduated I chickened out and took what I thought was a safe route - Radio.  My thought process was "Radio will give me a chance to work in music and still be a bit of a performer."  After plugging away at it for a little while, I lost my footing because Adam and I moved to a new state.  So I took a very boring office job (which, btw, I'm still at) to pay the bills "in the meantime."  About a year into my time here, I started to feel like my life was all behind me.  Granted, I was 26 so that is very foolish, but still.  I was married, had failed at my plan b career choice, and was in a job that wouldn't bring me in any direction I wanted to move.  OK Go was part of what inspired me to head back into music and eventually try to make it on my own.  Their association with the Future of Music Coalition was how I got involved with that group and learned everything I know about the business end of being an independent musician.  Andy, Travis, and Serious Business Records taught me that people could start their own labels and just go for it themselves.  And don't even get me started on how much I've learned from Team OK Go about social media marketing and fan engagement.  I'm forever indebted, and I've told them so.
  • Thanks Rose!

    That's a really inspiring story, I say that you get back up there and follow your dreams!

    X-raygirl: WOW! Surprised I'm so happy for you!

    Silver12: OMG ME TOO. I was having this really long break from drawing (Sad about not being accepted into art school)

    and then I started listening to them and REALLY wanted to do some fan art. Isin't it great?
  • Arrynisawesome said:

    Thanks Rose!

    That's a really inspiring story, I say that you get back up there and follow your dreams!

    Hee hee, I am. ;-)
  • Arrynisawesome said:

    Thanks Rose!

    That's a really inspiring story, I say that you get back up there and follow your dreams!


    Ohheyyyy, it's DJRose (Rachel).  ;)
  • Arrynisawesome said:

    Silver12: OMG ME TOO. I was having this really long break from drawing (Sad about not being accepted into art school)

    and then I started listening to them and REALLY wanted to do some fan art. Isin't it great?

    Yeah- I'm not all that talented, but I do a lot of doodling and it's usually OK Go related.I write more than I draw, though.


    Hey, Rachel, I heard some of your music and I love it. You have a beautiful voice. Laugh
  • Totalgeek42 said:

    Arrynisawesome said:

    Thanks Rose!

    That's a really inspiring story, I say that you get back up there and follow your dreams!


    Ohheyyyy, it's DJRose (Rachel).  ;)

    Totalgeek42 said:

    Arrynisawesome said:

    Thanks Rose!

    That's a really inspiring story, I say that you get back up there and follow your dreams!


    Ohheyyyy, it's DJRose (Rachel).  ;)

    Oh man,


    I'll call you Rachel from now on, Thanks for correcting me!
  • Silver - Thank you!

    Arryn - No worries.  People call me Rose on here all the time and I know what they mean.  It's especially hard now that the sigs are tiny.  I think Skylar was just trying to show you the website with my music. 
  • How have they inspired me, i have taken up writing poems again, im not

    that good more for my own pleasure but have written 2 Ok Go themed ones.

    Also their music, videos and enthusiasm has helped me through a bad time in my

    life, has made me smile again. "Can't Keep letting it get you down".


    Must add what makes me "Happy Happy" Rachels singing x
  • Don't get me started on THIS topic...ok...where do I start? Simply put I had fifteen minutes back from '88-'94 in the "New Traditionalist" movement in country music. I was born in Hollywood and raised alongside celebrities kids. And I really didn't like Nashville. I played bass, guitars, did backing vocals. I was mostly looking for others who were into what I was into doing. I got into production...enjoyed layering other musicians' talents to create new stuff that none of them would have come up with on their own. But the record labels were insane to try to work with ("no, it won't sell enough copies" or "no, it won't play on radio" or most often, "no, you simply CAN'T do that..."). I guess we were ahead of our time. So I turned my back on country in 1994 and stepped into the emerging grunge/alternative genre thanks to KROQ! That stuff was way cooler, and I found textures that I'd missed for too many years. But I was done with "the business." Once you see the inside of something so inherently hypocrtical it's hard to play along.

    Fast forward to last year when This Too Shall Pass (RGV) dropped to YouTube. That one totally "[left] me with my jaw on the floor" that they were able to get corporate sponsorship to pull of such a cool (and somewhat expensive) video. So when the White Knuckles video dropped I got real curious as to who these OK Go guys are. Watched a lot of interview footage. Damian was thinking in ways like we were thinking back in the day. Saw more interview footage. Saw more videos. Bought the CDs. I still haven't picked my jaw up yet.

    And then they dropped their major label! Sorry, but that's not how things ususally work in the business. Clearly they were serious.

    So I'm playing again. I'm writing. I'm wrapping my head around the new fangled modern digital recording methods. Once I've saved my pennies Imma gonna buy me ProTools 9 so I start recording some of the amazing musicians I've met up here on this coast. We're talking about going beyong guitars and drums: mandolin, dobro, harp, bagpipes and more than a few I'll keep under my hat for now. Wink

    I'm not looking for/wanting another fifteen minutes or to be famous or rich or anything. I had some of that once and to be honest it became an inconvenience more than a dream. Nowadays I just want to be creative and have the world as a potential audience. Art for art's sake.

    Seriously...the idea of putting a concert on a flash drive and selling it on the way out the door...that's sheer genius! And nothing you could ever do when attached to a major record label. I can't wait for what the boys are gonna pull of next. I'd have never guessed toast.

    Long story short ("too late") I'm here because I really dig their energy and creativity, and the boys have shown me that creating cool stuff is worth it if nothing else for the experience of creating it.

    Thanks to Damian, Tim, Dan and guys have really jumpstarted my whole creative thing. I've missed it. And thanks Rachel for the Future of Music Coalition shout out. I'm gonna have to check them out.
  • Jim i hope you now can follow your dream, Ok Go are unlike any band i have ever liked

    and at my age i have liked a few. Also Rachel she has now followed her dream, im Happy

    Happy to own the 1st CD of her songs in the UK, or at least i think i am,  im spreading the word.

    They show you that things are possible if you really want it.Smile
  • DancesWithDingo said:

    And thanks Rachel for the Future of Music Coalition shout out. I'm gonna have to check them out.

    Seriously, you need to.  They're at  You'll get loads of invaluable information as to how to make the business end work on an independent level. 
    And thanks, Christine. But this is about the boys, not me. :-D
  • I was talking with Snack Cakes about sharing this story and she thought that you guys might be interested despite the amount of internet browsing it will take to get most of what I am talking about.  So here is an excerpt of a conversation she and I had on the subject of OK Go and inspiration.


    "I need to tell you a bit about myself first, so please be patient.  I am a member of a club called the SCA.  Here is the definition of that as written on our official web page: "The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more." For more: (I hope these links work as I can't test them).  Well, my case is very bad and I can hardly feel my hands at all and I am losing control of them as well.  There doesn't seem to be any underlying cause and my doctor told me just before Christmas last year that I would not get better unless there was some sort of major medical breakthrough.

    Now as to what all of this has to do with OK Go.  I was feeling about as depressed as I ever have in my life because I thought that I would never be able to make art again.  Working red hot metal and glass is not a good vocation for a person who can't feel or control her hands  For example I have been working on this e-mail for over an hour now because typing is now so difficult for me (usually my husband types while I dictate, but he is sleeping).  Well, my husband had bought me OTBCOTS for Christmas.  I liked OK Go at the time, but didn't yet LOVE them.  All Is Not Lost came on and as I listened I had an epiphany:  Just because I couldn't lampwork or smith anymore didn't mean I couldn't fuse and slump.  I decided to trade in my torch for a kiln and I am back in business.  All Is Not Lost was just what I needed to hear at just the right time and that is when I became a true fan of OK Go and started finding everything by them and about them on the internet.  The more I found out about them the more I liked them and now, here I am; a Boardie.

    So that's my story.  It is long in the telling and requires the reader to know or look up esoteric terms and phrases, which is why I have not shared it."


    I hope you liked my story.  By the way just in case one of you out there is a SCAdian, I am Lady Bebbin O'Corcra Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia.  To the rest of you I am sure that makes little sense, but that is how I am known in my club.
  • Becki, I'm not in SCA, but I have loads of friends who are.  Pennsic War and all that.  Also, my BFF is a regular at the MD Renn Faire - she's played in a few bands there.  That's a beautiful story.  I'm so glad that you found what you needed to keep going through OK Go.  So many of us have stories just like that, as this thread demonstrates.  I'm glad you joined the boards. Laugh
  • Extremely inspiring story, Rebecca.  I'm glad you decided to post it.
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