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Happy Birthday ARR!!



  • Lololol!! Oh, Becky, you just made me spit rice all over my computer screen.

    Work that guitar!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday Andy!!!
  • QUOTE (mundum @ Mar 8 2007, 01:55 PM)
    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have lots of fun, but don't get TOO waisted! I expect you to be in tip top shape for tomorow's show!! wink.gif

    Like this? biggrin.gif

    (Becky, you're hilarious!)
  • Sorry for the double post.

    Just had to do this:


  • Haha, that picture is amazing YoDoofball laugh.gif

    Happy Birthday Rusty!
  • QUOTE (hensocks @ Mar 9 2010, 02:22 AM)
    Haha, that picture is amazing YoDoofball laugh.gif

    For Reals. The cap is is my favorite part!
  • Your pictures are the best Nance!

    QUOTE (beckysioux @ Mar 8 2010, 10:54 AM)
    I had to. wink.gif


    I like how there's the spell check line underneath aross.
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ Mar 8 2010, 07:22 PM)
    Lololol!! Oh, Becky, you just made me spit rice all over my computer screen.

    Sorry. Hope your screen's okay.

    QUOTE (YoDoofball! @ Mar 9 2010, 12:05 AM)

    (Becky, you're hilarious!)

    I try. Can't wait to see what you made. Work dislikes Photobucket and therefore blocks it. mad.gif

    QUOTE (ezorvera @ Mar 9 2010, 12:38 PM)
    I like how there's the spell check line underneath aross.

    I didn't even notice that until I got home from work yesterday. I guess it kinda makes it funnier. Kinda.
  • Here we go, Folks!  It's our favorite guitarist's birthday!  Let's send him a little love.


    Happy Birthday Andy!  As is my tradition, today I am rooting for the Red Sox in your honor.  Thank goodness your birthday is during Spring Training.


    (Math is 24. I feel a little cheated.)

    love you <3

    Hope you have an awesomefab time making the most of your big day; you defo deserve it!

    Miz and <3 u heaps x
  • Happy birthday Andy, may your day be full of love

    and happiness, enjoy xxxxx
  • Happy Birthday, Andy!!

    Have an amazing day (and year) and keep rockin'!

    much love <3
  • Happy Birthday, aross!

    If you'll notice, some of the world is celebrating your birthday by throwing huge elaborate parties with beads and boobs and beer. There are even parades in your honor. Sure, they're calling them Mardi Gras and Carnivale, but really, it's all for you buddy.

    Happy 32nd!

    Oh. My. God. We're 32! How the hell did that happen?

  • Happy birthday to you Andy :)

    My mum has the same birthday as you haha


  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    And THANK YOU for so sharing many great moments this last year—every awesome
    guitar-playing, stop-motion-dancing, goat-wrangling, bucket-stacking, dog-elevating,
    goldfish-bowl-wearing, keyboard-playing, ladder-standing, ibuprophen-shaking,
    harmony-singing, wagon-towing, laser-pointing, bell-ringing one of them.

    For all the gifts you've shared, may this next year bring them back to you tenfold!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY! Hope you had/are having a lovely day!

    Ahem. I'll write this once. "GO RED SOX!"

    (I can't say it outloud, though. I live by Chicago. You know, Cubs.)
  • Andyyyyyyy!!!!!  Happy birthdayyy!!!  :DDD

    You best be havin' a great day (and year), mister.  *Glare*

    But really.  Happy birthday.  :D

    Also, I think Becky wins for "Best picture of Andy Ross ever".  Jus' sayin'.  xP
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