OK Go mashups

I've heard OK Go so many times, [ and lord knows I'm not sick of it in the slightest (: ] I've noticed similarities in their songs with other songs I've heard.

For example, has anyone heard The J. Geils Band's "Love Stinks" recently? Well one day, I was listening to it in the car, and it came on the radio, at first I thought it was "Get Over It", because the drum intro is exactly the same, as it played on, I started singing along with the chorus, but I was singing "Get Over It", of course. And it all sounded pretty good! It would make a good mashup idea, I think. If I ever meet a mashup artist, that's what I think I'd ask him to do. [Besides, "Love Stinks, Get Over It" would just be the best title ever, wouldn't it?

I've noticed similarities with other songs I've heard, like:


"A Good Idea At The Time" vs. "The Hardest Button to Button"

"A Million Ways" vs. "Sultans of Swing"

"Needing/Getting" vs. "Cryin'"

"Oh Lately It's So Quiet" vs. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1"

"This Too Shall Pass" vs. "Walkin' On Sunshine" 

"You're So Damn Hot" vs. "Troublemaker"

(I just noticed how nerdy this post is!)


Can you guys think of anything else?


  • I also noticed the thing with Love Stinks and Get Over It. This Too Shall Pass and Walking on Sunshine is another really good one; I might not have this right, but I feel like before I noticed that White Knuckles and Machine by Regina Spektor was a good one.
  • OK, here's a brand new one:

    OK Go- This Too Shall Pass

    Bob Marley- Mr. Brown

    These two sound so similar it's almost a rip-off! It's kinda scary!
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