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  • Whoa, my brain…

    (if multiple parenthetical comments give you a headache – be warned)

    I dreamt that my hubby Randy and I were invited to Damian's house for a party. He was very cool and I was very nervous and shaky. =D

    Turns out that Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane of Doctor Who) was his roommate. (what the actual f…?)

    Lovely time – I assume. Don’t remember that bit. At the end of the party, Randy and I were about to leave but I couldn’t find my shoes. I started feeling badly because people were leaving and Damian had to go to bed (shut UP fellow fangirls/boys) to sleep (see, told you to shut up) and we were keeping him up.. AWAKE, I mean. (SHUT UP, also my husband was there, so, no.)

    (That paragraph was fun to write – ahem, moving on.)

    In my search, I found a sick hamster. I tried to help the hamster but someone told me it was diabetic. (Elisabeth Sladen’s nurse told me - Ms. Sladen just passed away in real life, in my dream she had a home care nurse, apparently, you know, while she was living at Damian’s house). So, I felt badly for the hamster and carried him around.

    Never found the shoes. Damian gave up and tried to go to sleep on his couch (I didn’t dream of his actual house, so it wasn’t that yellow one in the corner). Damian was sleeping on his couch because he let people who were too drunk to drive sleep in his bedroom and any other spare bedroom (because he’s considerate like that.)

    Woke up.

    Randy’s comment: I was actually in one of your OK Go dreams?
  • once had a dream in which something happened at my elementary school and i was there for some reason. as i was walking in, lo and behold, LONG-HAIRED DAMIAN JUST WALKS OUT OF NOWHERE. so, naturally, i ran with all the power i could muster in my dream-body and jumped into his arms. 

    yes, indeed.

    why can this not be my actual life. :|
  • My dreams are a freak-fest,

    they just jump around to different scenes that very seldom make any sense,

    one case that OK Go appeared was a short clip of them doing a cover of "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria at Sleepover Shows.

    Then... there was something else...Confused
  • This one time I had a creeper-dream where I had an asthma attack (even though I don't have asthma) and Damian saw me pass out and started panicing and then he resuscitated me. Then I woke up and coughed and he looked at me like he was so relieved then we started making out. It was weird, but awesome.


    There was this other totally epic clean dream but I can't remember what it is nnow...
  • I had a random dream where i took a 3 day trip to see OK Go and alot of the boardies were eating breakfast with me and Andy joined us then he dine and dashed with us. 
  • daisychains said:

    To the grocery store? Together? :D Sounds like an awesome dream to me!

    I had one where I was sitting in this crowded purple bus with red seats in it, somewhere near the back. It was a double decker, and Andy came down with a microphone and said that he was really sorry it was so crowded and that the concert on the top deck of the bus was being delayed because of technical difficulties. But he had a BRITISH ACCENT in the dream! Two of my favorite things, combined!

    Andyway, in the end I realized I never did get to see that concert on the top deck.


    OK (go), so I just pictured that AND ANDY IS SO FUCKING SEXY WITH A BRITISH ACCENT!!!!!!

  • daisychains said:

    I had a dream with a record THREE Damians in it. Two Dinky Damian's with long hair, and one life-size short haired Damian. It was very weird.

    At the beginning I was climbing this black medieval castle tower in the middle of a city flowing with lava and one Dinky Damian was on my shoulder and one was on my hand. We were talking about something... I think the one on my shoulder was telling me to hurry my ass up the tower. Then all three of us got to the top of the tower, and everything went black for a second. When the dream came back, I was sitting at my kitchen table with all four of them - the two small Damis had disappeared and the big one came -  and they looked very serious. Then Tim said that we had some very serious business to talk about. So he asked me to pull out my sketch book and show them the sketches I had of them in there.


  • Nova said:

    Sunnyside said:

     "You, stay out here. Don't talk to strangers." (Tim didn't sound like himself. He sounded like he was doing a John Wayne impression.)

    Haha, I can totally imagine that.


    I had a strange dream the other night, where Andy was engaged to Regina Spektor.

    Turns out she broke up with him, and I wnted to come on the boards to see if he was okay, but my friends wouldn't let me and kept shooting at me with Nerf guns...

    Aw, I love Regina Spektor!..... The BITCH!

  • One day I'm gonna learn to lucid dream so I could do everything I wanted... mainly play bumper cars with them... How could that not be fun? That and perform a concert alongside them :D
  • This one time, I had one of the weirdest dreams ever... So, basically I just Woke up, which was weird, the dream starting with me waking up, but I turned over, and all of OK Go were just looking at me, watching me sleep. Then all of a sudden I was dressed and we were all sitting at the breakfast table eating, and DaisyChains was there too. O.o


    We were all just eating, saying nothing, then Tim stood up and said he had to feed the squirrel. Then I said that I would help him and stood up and we both left the room. I don;t really know what we did, because it was like I was veiwing the dream happening from the room where we were eating, so I just watched myself leave. (I don't really know if "Feed the squirrel" was meant litterally or not. O.o)


    Anyway, Damian started talking to no one in particular, and he was all "So, if 'A' meant 'B', then 'B' would mean 'D,' and 'C' would be left out." He was kinda counting on his fingers like he was trying to figure out an extremely intense math problem. Then Dan started nodding, and was all "But wait, if 'B' meant 'D', then would 'C' mean 'E', and 'F' be all left out?"


    Damian got kind of a brain-broke expression, and Dan just looked like he was intently thinking. Then Andy just looked at DaisyChains, and they had a huge romantic moment. It was intense.


    Eventually Tim and I came back, and the first thing I noticed was that Andy and DaisyChains had scooted their chairs so that they were right next to eachother, and Andy's arm was around her shoulder. I got really jealous, because I was apparently back into my own mind now, and so I grabbed Damian and we started making out. Then DaisyChains saw this and also got jealous, so she started making out with Aross, and then both of us just kept trying to top eachother for a really long time until eventually...


    I'm just gonna stop there. Lets just say that I won.
  • This was the night after I had seen the twitpic of Tim with a giant pepperoni pizza in front of him.

    My family and I were visiting New York and went to eat at Grimaldi's and the whole band was there, eating another giant pizza. I approached Tim and he mentioned that he saw the picture I made for his birthday. I couldn't believe he saw it. I asked to take a picture with the band, but we kept having conversations that I don't remember so the photo op was postponed and we never got to it.

    I'd also like to point out that the lighting there was sort of like I was looking through the lens of a HOLGA camera.

    It was the best dream I had in weeks.
  • THIS is officially the weirdest dream I've ever had. Be warned, it's long, because I can remember a lot of it: 


    So this morning, I woke up at 6:00 am, then I ate a bagel and went back to bed, then the dream started with me waking up and my friend Sabrina was on my computer. She kept repeating, over and over again, "You're going to hate me for this. You're going to hate me for this." Then I sat up to look at the computer, and it was a bunch of pictures of Damian. But, wedding pictures. Then pictures of his children. He was married, in this dream, with two daughters. I then proceeded to ruthlessly beat Sabrina, whom I was now angry at, until my mom came up and told us that it was time for preschool. Then we were at preschool, and everyone in my class was there, sitting at small tables. I had a laptop at my table, for whatever reason, and so I looked up pictures of his daughters on some random non-exsistant search engine. Then, while the computer was taking forever to load, my friend Katelynn walked up to me and, gently, said, "Alex... you're going to hate me for this, but..." then, with tears in my voice, because in this world I apparently had a chance, I interuppted, "Yeah. Sabrina already told me." Then everyone started looking really sorry for me, then preschool started, and there were just some random scenes of us being taught.


    After that, I went home, and apparently these strange little creatures were trying to take over our home, which was pretty much the same as my house, except the exterior was completely and utterly different, and it was also bigger. Also, apparently by now, it was like, 10:00 pm. So the leader of the creatures, which were kind of like creepy teletubbies, gave us a speech, and it was like explaining the rules of a game. 'The game' was pretty much like tag, except we were allowed to kill eachother, and apparently the teletubbies were ruthless. And sparkly.


    So we played the game for awhile, which was being played by my parents, my brother, my sister, and I, and was beginning to take on sort of a territorial feel, where we were trying to defend sections of our house from the creatures. We didn't have any weapons, but somehow we were winning, because none of us were gone, and the creatures seemed to be lesser in number. All five of us were defending the living room, as the creatures slowly started filing in like zombies. Then, one of the smaller ones fell over, and so for some reason, I helped it up, and then all of the creatures stopped invading and started sending us some message, that went something like this: "Hurry! You must save her! The creatures have stolen Jessica and have tied her up downstairs! You must rescue her!!" Then my sister turned to me and said, "Jessica? As in, DAMIAN'S DAUGHTER??" Then I began to run downstairs to try and save her, and about halfway down the staircase, I looked up at the creature that had given us the message and said, "Wait, downstairs or upstairs?" And the creature said, "No, upstairs." So, because now I apparently trusted this creature, I ran upstairs and into my parent's room.


    There, I saw beardless Tim. Yes, beardless Tim. I almost fainted when I saw him, I just kind of swerved over to the bed a bit, then I straightened up and saw the rest of the band, Damian looking very worried. Then all nine of us (the band and my family) ran down the stairs and into the basement, to find Jessica strapped into a hospital bed. (I don't even...) Damian unstrapped her and carried her upstairs, a look of relief on his face. Jessica was pretty, too: Long, blonde hair and beautiful purple eyeshadow.


    When the band was leaving, Tim was the last to leave, and he had a phone call, but my dad poked him and whispered, pointing to me, "She wants an autograph!"


    My immediate reaction was to blush and say in a panicky voice, "No, I don't!!" But Tim laughed and pulled out a really tiny piece of paper and was about to write on it, when my dad made a joke and said, "Hey, Mike Samberg! I haven't seen you in awhile!" Apparently Mike Samberg was incredibly famous, because I knew exactly who he was, and in the dream, this was hilarious to Tim. He laughed out loud, still also talking to the person on the phone with him, and signed in big letters, "MIKE." I didn't mind this, though. Even if Tim didn't sign it,  at least he wrote on it. The dream went on for a while after that, but that's the last of the OK Go bits.


    When I woke up I was kind of sad. Wasn't Damian divorced shortly before making OTBCOTS?
  • I had a dream last night where Andy and I were like, best buds. It was probably the best dream I have ever had.
  • Well I finally had an OK Go dream that I am willing to risk having Damian's mom read about :)


    In my dream my friend Brooke and I had made a video that was a spoof on the treadmill video starring my cats Oreo, and Guinevere (Gwen) her cat Haggis (The Dread Cat Haggis the Cloaked) and KC, a cat belonging to an old friend of mine.  Oreo did Andy's part and Gwen did Damian's.

    Well, for reasons unknown to me, Brooke and I were hanging out with the band and they starting talking about the cat version of their video, but they didn't know that Brooke and I had made it.  She finally convinced me to tell them, so I did and introduced the guys to Oreo and Gwen.  Then Brooke started to chat with Tim, Andy and Dan.  So I started to talk with Damian about growing up in D.C.  

    The following part is fact and not a part of my dream.  I lived in D.C. for three months a year for about 6 years while I worked as a Congressional page.

    Back to dream world.  Damian and I were talking politics and about the politics of politics, things like coattail riding, leverage, and reciprocity.  Damian was in the middle of saying somethig when I woke up.  My first though upon waking was, "Damn! That was the most interesting conversation I have had in this house, since I moved in, without my husband here.  I really wish I had gotten to hear what he was about to say. 

    I checked Gwen, and she is game for trying to do her part for a video of this sort.  I got her to do some of the moves by pointing her favorite toy (a red stick) at my sister's treadmill.  I even got her to jump up on the handlebar (hand rest, balance thingie, heck I don't what it is called) and then jump over the top of the thing.  Pretty cute stuff.  But Oreo came down with an acute case of dead about 7 years ago, so I think his preforming days are over.
  • I had 3 dreams over my vacation that had to do with OK Go. Technically, one was a nightmare, and one was just weird... but the last one was kinda cute!


    Dream/Nightmare 1: I'm with my family in our cottage (I don't actually have one in reality, though). I go outside to find Damian and Andy in their suits walking around clueless. I get so excited and happy that I hug both of them. They obviously didn't care about me, nor did they want to hug me. The expressions on their faces were horrifying. But they let me hug them anyways. I invite them inside and run to tell my family, but when I look out the door they never came in. Suddenly a bunny starts floating and attacks me, so I wake up.


    Dream 2: I'm in a giant feild that has a blue mat stripe down it. Apparently I'm in a modern arts convention of some sort. The boys, in their unitards, are having this competition. You jump on the mat, they throw buckets of water on your feet, and then dan puts grey mittens on them. Then you jump to the end on the line. I try to enter, but it only works in groups of 4. So I sit on the bleachers and watch.


    Dream 3: I'm in a pink room with all these other kids. I believe its a candy kitchen. Soon Rusty comes out in an apron selecting who gets to help him make candy. Since I'm an OK Go fan, I go first. I get to make praline bars with him. The end :)
  • I like that last dream, Maggie. Smile It is cute. I would love to make candy with any member of OK Go.

    I had a dream in which I got to meet Damian. He shook my hand at first because I was just some random person to him, but when I told him I was an OK Go fan, he hugged me. It was kind of awesome. Laugh
  • Isn't it fun to dream about the boys?  It is almost like getting personal face to face time with them.
  • I had a dream where Damian and Tim was my teachers at school and they would give us a concert everytime were good in school :D
  • Reina Suio said:

    I had a dream where Damian and Tim was my teachers at school and they would give us a concert everytime were good in school :D

    If only that happened in real life :)


    The other day I dreamed I was in a french restaurant with Damian. I asked lots of questions but forget most of them. The only thing I remembered was this:

    "So do you like wine?"

    "No. It smells like vinegar."

    "You're kidding! I thought I was the only person who thought that!"

    *High fives*


    This actually is true. For some reason wine smells like balsamic vinegar to me. But it was awesome enough just to chat with him, let alone finding out we have similar tastes.
  • One night I was having anxiety; something I don't feel like explaining was going to happen the next day. So because I was anxious I was expecting a nightmare, it wasn't QUITE a nightmare, but overall it was upsetting.

    What does this have to do with OK Go? Well they happen to be my favorite band, and my brain wanted me to suffer that night, so...

    What happened was, I dreamt multiple dreams, all about the same thing; after every dream I would wake up and go back to sleep. In the dream, I was going to see OK Go's 10th anniversary concert. (dream logic, don't ask)


    1st Dream- I was already there, and I remember OK Go finishing their set and they all went down to the audience; I shook all their hands, I missed my aim on Andy's so we wound up shaking them backwards. (again, don't ask how)

    2nd Dream- I was in the car pressuring my dad to go faster, but he kept assuring me "It's fine, It's fine, we'll be there in time" and it was raining, and I can remember my dad swerving a lot, as if it were some sort of racing video game. Anyway, we eventually got to the place, and it was deserted; I missed it.

    3rd Dream- We were making great time, but then we came upon a huge crack/hole in the road, and for the rest of that dream, I was just pacing around wondering what we could possibly do to get around it.

    And the dreams just kept getting worse and worse, I must have had at least seven different versions of that dream.

    So you guys coming to Clarksville anytime soon?
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