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A Damian Dictionary



  • brainsplosion
  • dogamid - a pyramid made of dogs

  • Not so much a word but more of a phrase:


    Tum de bubbidy kubbidy boom

    A perspective of a drum beat. Make sure you don't Kasplarch into the beginning :D
  • Psychadonkykong - Psychedelic and very, very cool.  Also possibly retro
  • HOW have I not seen this thread?

    This just might be my fav thread ever.
  • Amazed- (adjective) e.g. Dan Konopka, at The Gap

    Breathing- (noun) 1. An act of which that can, if deprived, cause death

    Food Poisoning- (noun) 1. Makes Damian Kulash awesome

    Hippie- (noun) 1. A word of which that Damian and Tim, will adhere not to use, but do anyway

    Psycho-spatial-geo-musical-techno-sonic (adjective) 1. Awesome

    Sorry- (adjective) e.g. a confused, ThisTooShallPassVideo-less OK Go

    Stuff- (noun) 1. What Damian's bleep machine does when it sees light, as opposed to nothing

    ZhoopZhoopZhoopZhoopMahMahMah- (verb) 1. To autograph



    welcome to the boards!
  • BeckiWitte said:

    Psychadonkykong - Psychedelic and very, very cool.  Also possibly retro

    There was also Psychadonktastic, Which is a describing form of that word?
  • Psychadonkicle


  • Psychadiculous

    Don't forget that one.

    Also, Damian says "One, two, Ba-da-da-da!" in the Washington show in 06 (The one recorded by NPR) and I've been obsessed with saying it ever since I heard it. Does that count?

    He also said that he smelt like an "Ape House" while singing Last Leaf somewhere, I can't remeber. D:
  • Liswatchening- a combination of 'listening' and 'watching'
  • "Whatforth"-From the thank-you included on the USB drives.

    "Butcept"-Possibly a combination of "but" and "except."

    "Whenly"-He says it in one of the WTD performances on the Spring tour one, he probably just misspoke.

    Edit:  This one may not count because Tim invented it:


    Not pectoral.
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