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OK Go @ Outside Lands.

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So I wanted soooo desperately to go to this.  I mean, OK Go, Muse, The Black Keys, The Decemberists, and MGMT all at the same festival?  Plus, I have a friend who lives in San Fran, was already going, and told me I could crash on her couch.  Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the tickets and the concert date fell right between the dates I was packing and moving, so it wasn't feasible.  When my friend came home from it and told me what I'd missed, I knew I had to do some YouTube surfing for concert footage.


And then I found this:


If you were watching the band's Facebook page, you might have seen the post from Serve that they'd be playing at the Serve tent the day before their set on the big festival stage.  This playlist captures that.  It's Andy, Damian, and Tim, all acoustic, playing to a crowd of about 30 people, and it's extremely amusing.  They invite a burlesque dancer to dance during "Do What You Want" and rib each other a bit, and Damian forgets the words to "White Knuckles."  Twice.  XD


  • Saw those--love 'em :)
  • AND one of my other favorite bands, Starfucker, was there. D: So many good bands, no time to go!
  • Were you in the area, Daisy?


    On a side note, my friend ended up going home early two out of three days and skipping the last.  Surprised  Jealousy... only... rising...
  • Hey Tipo!  Those are actually the vids I took, hahahah.  Glad you liked them!


    Oh, that reminds me... I haven't done a full writeup of the show yet.
  • I had a feeling it was a boardie who'd done it.  The writing felt a little "in the know," if you get what I mean.  :D  I can't wait to see your write up!
  • D: Nah, I live in AZ. But if only I had time to drive there.
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