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What are you listening to right now this second?



  • rockchick said:Right now chilling out before work with a bit of Neil Young


    I'm listening to a random shuffle that includes several things that will probably be on my year's best list for the Pazz & Jop Poll (The Village Voice annual music issue's best-ofs): OTBCOTS (of course), the 88's The 88 (these guys were Ray Davies backing band on his last tour--How often do musicians get to say they were technically The Kinks for a few weeks?? Anyway, these guys rock!), Jason Falkner's I'm Ok, You're Ok (which will count because it finally got US release this year), Richard Barone's Glow (he's the one with the fantastic TRex cover, if Tempe--or anyone else--is interested), Justin Townes Earle's Harlem River Blues and Jerry Lee Lewis's Mean Old Man (so, so much better than the Killer's previous "comeback" record. which I loved, but this is just infinitely superior!).

    I'm also listening to lots of Jellyfish (being trapped in a tower makes me nostalgic for younger days of Rock and Roll freedom), Wes Cunningham (stellar songwriting and he just snuck a bunch of new songs out that are timeless in a really unbelievable way) and Jeremy Messersmith (just, you know, because...).

  • Christel, seeing the song by Jellyfish on your youtube, got me sorting through

    all my collection of CDs tapes and records, been reliving some of the 60s stuff wich

    is great, Kinks, stones, and the who. Been playing It Bites today, its like rediscovering

    them all over again. Have got so many over the years, im sure i will find other little gems

    i have forgotten about.

  • Just picked up used copies of P.O.D.'s "Satelite" and The Cure's "Wish" in my travels in thrift stores today. Laugh (Was on the hunt for Halloween costume pieces.) My husband, being my husband, found a CD copy of J.D. Sumner and the Stamps. Yell
  • WTF?

    * sigh *

  • I was chillin' listening to some Elvis Costello, but now I have to get in the mood to do something stupid, so I put on my 'happy playlist', and that's a mix of, well, everything. Beatles, Rooney, OK Go, Pixies, Cee-Lo, Weezer, Black Crowes, The Cure, Smiths, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, Mika, Coconut Records, Gang of Four, Siousxie and the Banshees, Little Joy, Guided By Voices, Beck... well, and more. so as you can see, everything.


  • I'll see your list, and raise you my "Fun Times" mix on my work computer: OK Go, Pixies, Florence + the Machine, The Chipmunks, Weird Al, Newsboys, House seasons 1-3 soundtrack, Apologetix (my other fave band, a parody band), King's X (my first ever favorite band until the end of time, rock), EMF's "Unbelievable" (just that song).

    That's all I can think of right now. Laugh

  • the red sox game, but in my head im listening to here it goes againWinkLaughLaughLaughSmileCoolCoolCoolCool17
  • the red sox game, but in my head im listening to here it goes againWinkLaughLaughLaughSmileCoolCoolCoolCool
  • Death Cab for Cutie.  Their "You Are a Tourist" video was done by Tim Nakashi (sp).
  • The new Decemberists album, The King Is Dead.  I get to the end of that and then I put on Typhoon's Hunger and Thirst.
  • I've got my friends John & Brittany's "Dead Dog" stuck in my head.
  • Foster the People, "Helena Beat."

  • Fugazi 'cause Damian told me to.  :)
  • BeckiWitte said:

    Fugazi 'cause Damian told me to.  :)

    Approving of this.  ;)
  • For some reason, I like remixes of Gorillaz songs more than the originals. My fave right now is the Mighty Mouse remix of Superfast Jellyfish:
  • I have Someone Like You by Adele stuck in my head. But earlier I was listening to bunches of Fall Out Boy.
  • Right now I'm listening to My Double My Brother.  I went to The Deli site to vote for Pyyramids and was curious about the band that was in first place.
  • Nobody probably knows this one, but I'm listening to "I Apologise (Dear Simon)" from a Dutch band called Moss. I saw them live a few months ago. :) Their "The Comfort", "I Like The Chemistry" and "Angry Young Man" are also nice.
  • Hold Tight by Davy Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (Death Proof sound track)
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