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  • Almost everytime I've heard him say it, he's said ash like ashes.  But I don't think he cares much either way.  He doesn't seem to.
  • Hey lovelies, this isn't much of a band question, but a merch question.  Wasn't sure where to put it so I'll leave this here.

    I have a budget around 40 more or less for merch things… and I need opinions.  I can either get:

    1. Brown EP, Pink EP, OLISQ single, GOI single, DAM single, DWYW single, AMW single, flipbook = $38.55 

    2. Tall logo hoodie = $37.31

    3. Pyyramids bundle = $42.15

    [Shipping and handling fees suck!]

  • Go for option 1. You'll get lots of music for very, very cheap.
  • I second Becky on this one.  I'm usually a believer in "less is more," but I think more really is more in this case Laugh.
  • Good point about the music, and you can't listen to a hoodie.  Go for the tunes.
  • Hello! So I have a couple quick questions. One is, who the heck is singing in the demos of the Extra Nice Edition of Of the Blue Colour of the Sky? It doesn't sound like Damian, and it doesn't sound like Tim, who I know sang in Cinnamon Lips. Also, was the super rare album Appendices ever produced, or is it just online? Secondly does anyone know what drove apart a past OK Go member, Andy Duncan, who was replaced by Andy Ross? And lastly, what is a good place to discuss OK Go lyrics? Some of the songs, especially on the self titled album, OK Go, I would love to discuss with people. Thank you!
  • Hi leviness and welcome to the Boards! I'll try to answer all your questions. Hey Boardies, if I messed anything up, comment with the right info.

    Damian, Tim and Andy sing the demos on the ENE.
    Skyscrapers - Damian
    IWYSBICB - Tim
    Needing/Getting - Tim
    BFK - Damian
    Shooting The Moon - Tim
    BTEWR - Damian through a vocoder
    All Is Not Lost - Tim
    While You Were Asleep - Andy
    Last Leaf - Damian

    Appendices was produced. There are very, very few copies in circulation. If you have any ebay-foo, you might be able to get your hands on one of them that won't cost an arm and a leg.

    Andy Duncan left because he was "at a critical point in my life where my commitments at home outweigh those involved with touring". You can read his full letter here. They had a brief reunion recently and Andy Duncan played Get Over It with the boys this summer at Outside Lands. You can see it here and here.

    I think this thread would be a good place to discuss the lyrics. There might be another thread, but this is the most recent and most updated. I think all the albums can be discussed in that thread.
  • Thank you Becky!
  • Another question, on the Oh No album, 9027 KM is silence for about a half hour. I know that it is a recording of Damian and his ex-girlfriend sleeping, but why is it there? I heard that it had to do with filling up empty space on the CD for security reasons, but what is the actual reason? Do we know? And what is the title mean? Does KM stand for kilometers?
  • jedi_grrlie said:

    Are we still discussing this....?

    The recording was placed on the CD to fill it up so that Capitol/EMI couldn't put DRM crap on it. I was told by another source that is was (maybe possibly) someone's ladyfriend sleeping, and Sheri figured out that 9207 km is the distance between Malmo and LA.

    THAT'S IT. That's all there is to it.

    Also, ten and eleven posts up are Karleigh and Denise. MAN this thread is OLD. :(


    There's an entire thread dedicated to this question. You can read up on it here.
  • Can someone please list Damian's new Spotify playlist? I know it's weird, but I just don't want to install yet another player and can't see what songs he put up there. /stubborn ;)
  • Thank you so much! You rock! Wow, that's quite a list he has there, some I know, but a lot I'm not sure of ;)
  • Does anyone know how to add a song to the OK Go Roadtrip Playlist? I can see it, but I don't know how to add a song to it.
  • I'm trying to figure it out too, Levi.  Welcome to the boards though! :-)
  • To add a song to the Spotify playlist:


    1. Sign in to Spotify.

    2. Subscribe to the OK Go Ultimate Road Trip Playlist (I used the link from

    3. There is a search bar at the top of the Spotify screen (above the OK Go playlist if you are still on that screen).  Use that bar to search for and open the song you want to add.

    4. Right click on the song title to highlight it and open a new menu.

    4. When the menu pops up, scroll down and hover over the "Add to" choice in that menu.

    5. The OK Go Ultimate Road Trip Playlist should be an option on your "Add to" menu since you have subscribed to it.  Click on it, and it should add the new song to the playlist through your Spotify account (listing your name, etc.).


    Hope this helps Laugh 


    PS- welcome, Levi Cool
  • Thank you!!! I was able to get my song added thanks to your help.
  • Yes, thanks, Jamie!
  • You're the best, Jamie!  <3
  • WTG Jamie!  I will get on this as soon as I get back to my own computer. :-)  Thank you!
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