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Christine's Booshy Birthday!

Bollo said to tell you he's got a GOOD feeling about this year!


  • Happy birthday grammy!!! :D (u know i never asked u if u minded me calling u grammy as opposed to grandma/granny/nana etcetc lol sorz for assuming!)

    I trust uve had the birthday of a lifetime, what with meeting the boys n all;) u must share your experiences with everyone here! x
  • Happy Birthday, Rockchick! It does sound like a great birthday celebration—returning to Eden. Wishing you many such happy returns! :)
  • Happy Birthday, RockChick! I hope you had an awesome day. And that you have have an awesome year. Smile
  • Happy birthday! :D Hope you had an awesome day!
  • Just wanted to let you all know that Rockchick thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, however the Boards aren't letting her post right now. (Yes, I'm working on this, so hopefully she's be back up soon.)


    Also: Happy Birthday, Rockchick! I hope, nay, know it was one of the best ones ever!!
  • happy birthday!!!
  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from over here, too! LaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
  • I am Very sorry for being late on this!!!  I hope you had an amazing birthday, Christine!
  • Thought i would give it a try and see if i can get on, Thanks for the birthday messages, sorry

    it has taken so long to get back xxxLaugh
  • Wow i am back after 6 months of trying, feels good Laugh
  • Welcome back!  Smile
  • Welcome back, Rockchick!
  • Welcome back Grammy! :D and happy bday ofc se ;) hv an awesomefab one!!!!
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