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Play the "Guess the OKGo Song my 3 Year Old is Requesting" Game...

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Hi all!
I've got two daughters who happen to hear an awful lot of OKGo in the house/car/general atmosphere and watch their videos repeatedly so my 3 year old sings a lot of it now.
She has a few favourite songs and although she doesn't know the actual names of any song, she asks for me to put on specific songs all the time and refers to them each in her own special way.

Guess which song goes with which description, direct from the mind of my 3 year old!

1) "The doggie song"
2) "The sugar song" sometimes referred to as "the song where they do the big super jump"
3) "The It's a rear laster, the credible nest song"
4) "The There's the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire, fiiiiiiiiiiire song"
5) "The paint on the faces song"
6) "The green frog song"
7) "The song where he yells like he stubs his toe"
8) "The running song like on the basement machine"
9) "The Oh no, go be so quiet, go to bed tonight song"
10) "The song with the umbrella and they kick the balls and he looks like Daddy" (my daughter believes Damian looks like my husband in the video for this particular song. They are both tall and thin and have the same colour eyes, but that's where the resemblance ends.)

Did you guess them all?


  • This was incredibly entertaining!  XD

    I think I got them all, but I'm loathe to post my guesses and spoil someone else's fun in figuring them out.  Maybe I should just do it like this...













    1.  White Knuckles

    2.  End Love

    3.  It's a Disaster

    4.  There's a Fire

    5.  This Too Shall Pass

    6.  The Muppet Show Theme Song

    7.  Skyscrapers

    8.  Here It Goes Again

    9.  Oh Lately It's So Quiet

    10.  WTF?
  • You got it. I especially love the "song where he yells like he stubs his toe" as a description. Now that's what I think about EVERY time. lol


    Also on the 3 year old fan request list this week (I could probably make this a weekly segment if I write down what my 3 year old is asking for!):

    11) "the exploding song"
    12) "the red people crazy dancing song"
    13) "the song where they dance till they fight (and that's not nice!)"
    14) "the song where Paul is lost and they gotta find him"
  • I think I've got them:


    11: Invincible

    12: Do What You Want

    13: A Million Ways

    14: Gigantic?
  • Yay! Another contestant!
    You got them all except for number #14.
    Here's a clue, this is how she sings this particular song
    "When they say Paul is lost, Paul's not lost, Paul's not lost. When they say Paul is lost, Paul's not lost, Paul is not lost in the mall."
  • 14: "All Is Not Lost"


    Not sure I would have gotten it without the hint.
  • Just wanted you guys to know, I am loving this thread.  :)
  • Glad you are loving it Becki! :)

    Today she would like the:

    15. "Oh yeah, let's have a party song"

    Additionally she wants to watch the Invincible video repeatedly and yell "KABOOM!" at the top of her lungs each time something explodes. It is endlessly entertaining!

    As I type this she is dancing to the opening sequence of End Love. She enjoys doing the arm movements. lol
  • Hrrrmmm......


    15.  Let's Crash the Party?
  • You got it!

    Today's requests were for:

    16. "The Forevvvvvvvvvvvvvver Song"


    17. "The song after the doggie song but before the sugar song where they want to chew so bad"
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