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"Popping" sounds in I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe?

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So I was listening to I want You So Bad I Can't Breathe last night through earphones and noticed what I'm going to call "popping" sounds for the first time.

It happens during the part where Damian sings "So bad I can't think straight, so bad that my bones shake, so bad I can't breathe." and is most pronounced when he sings this line after what I call the "breakdown section" of the song (So won't ya, oh won't you say yes... etc.)

I would describe it as that popping noise that you can make with your mouth, or with your finger in your cheek (like in the "lollypop, lollypop, oh lolly lolly lolly, lollypop POP!" song.) That's probably the worst description of a noise ever. If I could make the noise and insert it here I would.

I wonder why they chose to do that? In my mind I picture Tim doing it to try to throw Damian off his game while he's singing (I don't know why). I can't be the only one to have noticed it. Has this already been discussed? Is it possible that I've just destroyed my earphones by listening to Invincible at 100% volume while I run and this sound is a direct result of that? lol


  • Which version are we talking about here, OTBCOTS or 180/365?
  • Sorry, should have specified! OTBCOTS. It's barely audible without earphones (although once you know it's there you hear it) but definitely noticeable through earphones.
  • Well, I have no idea if you have blown out your headphones or not, but I hear it too.  Now we are both cursed with unanswered questions. Smile
  • I'm glad you can hear it too. I thought maybe I was hearing things that didn't exist! Sometimes an unanswered question is the best kind of question. Keeps you guessing, keeps you wondering, keeps you interested and engaged (although I'd love the answer all the same!) :)
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