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  • It's too late to say...but Happy Birthday!
  • Happy belated birthday, Dan! I'm waiting for OK Go's 3rd album patiently.....
  • I know it's too late. but I say Happy Birthday, Tim I'm looking forward to new album. 
  • Anyway, I'm looking forward to their 3rd album.
  • Happy Birthday, Andy!
    in Andy Comment by port97page March 2008
  • koma, I've been waiting for you! she manages Rusty Ross community on mixi. (a kind of social network service).
  • Rosa, Thank you very much for let me know this ! Katieyellow and ezorvera, I really thank for transcript of the lyrics. I'm really bad at English hearing. (haha, not only English hearing )
  • QUOTE (ezorvera @ Dec 2 2007, 07:11 AM) Thanks so much Yukie! Kamen Rider!! I never watched Kamen Rider, but I've heard of it. I watched Kikaida for a little bit because one of the channels used to show it late at night. Not anymore though. I thin…
  • [quote name='yukihnd' date='Dec 2 2007, 01:09 AM' post='152868'] Heidi, you are a great searchers. it's "seacher" sorry, I always make a mistake something.
  • QUOTE (Tapegrl =D @ Nov 28 2007, 02:25 PM) I keep finding these foreign articles. This one's in Japanese Heidi, you are a great searchers. Rosa, you are amazing! you have a talent for languages. I'm sorry. as I wrote, I'm not good at English. …
  • QUOTE (Nahko @ Nov 23 2007, 08:13 PM) Oh it was amaaazing to see them last!!! Loved their lighting-up jackets, or whatever they are called!! Little disappointed they didn't do AMW dance, especially cos it was my first OK Go show.. Got to …
  • Hi frielanor, Thank you very much for your explain! We've disputed about the difference of those words. Now I think that "otaku" isn't appropriate for "nerd". "geek" is close in meaning to "otaku". I don't play the video game, also I don't kn…
  • [quote name='Tabetha' date='Nov 22 2007, 03:00 AM' post='151680'] the dreamy ones: 3 4 I agree with you, girls. Dan's eyes are amazing!
  • I got Dan Konopka! it tells, Woot! You're Dan the Man himself, you're FUN FUN FUN but can take your work very seriously (even when it involves going on stage dressed in a girly veil and maracas). Besides, who said a penchant for boondoggling and…
  • QUOTE (Surfer Rosa @ Nov 20 2007, 10:12 AM) This pic is oh so weird, I mean really, what IS going on there? LOL Rosa massage his shoulders? though he is young, he has stiff shoulders?
    in Andy Comment by port97page November 2007