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  • I haven't posted here in a while... Anyhoo, I thought i'd share some a couple of pictures. It's my 'This Too Shall Pass' shirt that I made quite some time ago.  Uploaded with And the back: Uploaded with The paint s…
  • Just finished watching Leno. I loved the inclusion of Damian's 'bleep box thing' during the song
  • OK Go on Jay Leno Tonight! According to their Twitter, they're playing a song that they hardly ever play. I'm excited! 
  • Oh man! The End Love video is finally coming out! This is sooo exciting! I now have something to look forward to next week besides crummy final exams. Thanks for finding that article!
  • Thanks for all the great compliments everyone! Hensocks, I used YuDu brand screen printing ink. I also used a stencil made out of a pair of nylons, an embroidery hoop, and Mod Podge glue. Tempe, it's hard for me to say how long it actually took to…
    in OK Go Fan Art Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  •   Alrighty. Here are a few things that I’ve done: This is from my sketchbook, and I think it was the first piece of OK Go art that I ever did .  I've never been too overly talented with sculpey clay (and I hate painting miniature things) but I th…
    in OK Go Fan Art Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • I just learned that OK Go will be playing at the Calgary Stampede, which is only a mere two hours away from me! I can't believe they're coming to Alberta (no one interesting ever comes here...) and I never dreamt i'd be able to go see them so close …
    in sad list Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • I just finished looking through some of the older posts and wow, there have been some really neat pieces of fan art posted!  Love your creativity! I  want to put up some of the OK Go related things that i've made, but I thought that i'd first show s…
    in OK Go Fan Art Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • It might be a bit tight, but I still think it fits fine. It looks good when it's on, anyways. And as for the coat, it surprised me. I was sure it would end up being too small, but it actually zips up quite nice! Sleeves might be a bit short though. …
    in The Packages Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • I guess I shouldn't have been so worried. My package came a few days ago and I must say that it was definately worth the wait. Very awesome indeed. And thanks for the email address becky. I had sent a message which ended up answering my questions.
    in The Packages Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • I just have a couple questions concerning the package for those who have ordeded it. Mine was shipped out back on April. 14th, and I still have yet to recieve it (although, I do live in Canada and customs is know to take their sweet time). But the o…
    in The Packages Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone!
    in Introductions Comment by Kevroy May 2010
  • Hello everyone! I wasn't sure where to post an introduction, but I found this and figured it was a good place. I'm Kevroy, and i'd consider myself a new-ish fan of OK Go. I came across them... seven months ago? And i've known about this forum for q…
    in Introductions Comment by Kevroy May 2010