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  • Well that's that then.  Now I won't be tempted anymore.  Although my husband would have K-I-L-L-E-D me if I had spent that much.  He already puts up with my tromping up and down the East Coast to see them with (almost) no complaining.
    in 180/365 Comment by BeverlEy June 2011
  • DJRose said: YKYOW you buy a new TV and its an OK Go affair. Firstly because the Craig Ferguson appearance was the first live TV we watched on the new set. Secondly because the new TV will require a new cable box, and therefore we're going to lo…
  • go to IKEA and get super excited when you see the plastic trash cans from the White Knuckles video.
  • I cleaned up.  I got the White Knuckles ultimate package from my husband and the autographed ping pong balls and paper airplane from the Rube Goldberg video from my brother.  All totally unexpected.  They know me so well.  Not too sure what we're go…
  • Tempe Arizona said:You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of shoes he wears, or so says The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Am I the only girl in the world missing the gene to appreciate shoes? Maybe a scientific study on Tempe is needed. Sho…
  • I hate to say it, but...I'm underwhelmed.  Although I realize the work that went into this, as with most of their videos, I just didn't feel this one.  To me, it doesn't convey the emotion of the song.  My $.02, for what it's worth. But Holy Crap Th…
  • DJRose said:One show.  That's all it takes.  She'll be hooked like the rest of us. Hooked. Obsessed. Whatevs.
  • Funny you mention chicken wire.  My husband went to Home Depot to buy some last weekend and it is apparently now called "poultry netting."  Who knew?
  • Wow, that was lovely indeed.  That song nearly always makes me cry.  I hope we get that at Terminal 5.
  • I love Dan in the green suit, he looks awesome.  And yay for confetti blizzards! I'm kind of sorry they are opening with DWYW, I always liked that song as a closer.
  • I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but good god, if I lived with Damian, I would get nothing done. Zero. I would not be able to stop looking at him.  That said, he is very interesting to listen to, I love that he has real opinions and can back t…
  • JennyHP said: DJRose said:Uhh, yes you did.  That photo from HOB last night.  We'll call it even. Here, so you can feast with all of his other hotness... Wow, I think I forgot to breathe there for a second.
  • Thanks, Rachel.  Those are priceless.  Watching the finished product, you don't realize how much work goes into doing these videos in one take - I was frustrated just watching them!  Not sure I would have the patience. Trish = hilarious.  I would lo…
  • I wanted to go, believe me!  I just can't do an out of town show on a Monday night. Damian asked you for money?  Did you give him any?  And what did you get in return?! How was Damian's show?  And what's this about giving a ride to Bonerama?  Spill …
  • Oh, thank you!  I had that as my desktop which my husband rudely replaced - for some reason he doesn't like gazing at Damian the way I do.  In my opinion, one of the best shots of Dami ever!