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  • DJRose said: I agree, the shipping fees are utterly ridiculous, Letizia.  Why a sticker should add so much to the cost I'll never understand. You know what I want for Chanukah?  An East Coast Tour announcement.  Preferably one with a show in Wilm…
  • Hey lovelies, this isn't much of a band question, but a merch question.  Wasn't sure where to put it so I'll leave this here. I have a budget around 40 more or less for merch things… and I need opinions.  I can either get: 1. Brown EP, Pink EP, OL…
  • laeticia said: I SERIOUSLY DO NOT THINK I'VE SEEN DAMIAN DO A FUNNIER THING I just spilled juice all over my keyboard. DON'T DRINK OR EAT WHILE WATCHING THIS I am happy that some else besides myself dances like that in real life.  Seriously…
  • It's Jane magaizine.  All the photos are here:
  • magnoliamaggiemag said: beckysioux said: OK, this article has nothing to do with Damian. However, Monday's article will: Coming Monday on Talking Your Tech: OK Go lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash talks about his robust collection of ca…
  • Nuts, wrong side of the country.  Who's near NYC?   Anyways, who's ordering the tshirt pack?  The shirts look pretty rad but I can't decide between black and white.
  • YKYOW you're in yoga class and in deep meditation, and the first chords of 'Here It Goes Again' playing in the weight lifting class nest door can completely destroy your concentration.  Needless to say, I wasn't able to get back into my meditation u…
  •   Here's an interview of Tim and Dan, where Tim sheds light on his favorite Pinkberry order, and Dan tells us how bartending is. There's a Pinkberry 20 minutes away from here... so I'm te…
  • Once again, The Audio Perv posts the video.  Here's the link:
  • The video was AWESOME.  Also, this was cross-posted to my tumblr, but I'll put it here too since it's sort of relevant...  
  • Hey Tipo!  Those are actually the vids I took, hahahah.  Glad you liked them!   Oh, that reminds me... I haven't done a full writeup of the show yet.
  • beckysioux said:   However, when I read "caterpillarlike creature", all I can visualize is The Human Centipede. *shivers* Glad I wasn't the only one.
  • YKYOW...  You find out three of your friends whom you met in university love OK Go, and drag them to two of their concerts that were 3 days apart.  And you also ended up making OK Go the first concert for two of them, and ended up getting them fron…
  • BeckiWitte said: I am Rebecca Hoopes, Witte is my maiden name.  I could not be more thrilled.  When I entered the contest I just thought that I would be getting a chance to share some photos with the band, actually WINNING hd never occured to me. …
    in 180/365 Comment by Taciturn July 2011
  • Bummer, I wish there had been a Bay Area show during the fall. But yes, I am excited for this!  They also mentioned new merch and goodies.
    in 180/365 Comment by Taciturn May 2011