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  • RoboFish112 said:Does somebody have the demo version of Hello My Treacherous Friends from the pink ep? I would really appreciate it. I would like this too! I used to have it but lost it when I migrated through like two different computers :/
  • QUOTE (snack_cakes @ Mar 6 2010, 09:02 PM) I don't know why this hasn't been listed under shows but according to Music Hall's web site a second show has been added on 4/29. THANK GOD. Best news eve…
    in SOLD OUT?! Comment by steph March 2010
  • They were sold out in 20 minutes =/ I missed them too! So bummed
    in SOLD OUT?! Comment by steph March 2010
  • drew this on a whim yesterday! i think i might make one for each song on the album (sorry the picture of it is not very good.... but you get the idea!)
  • new songs are being added SLOWLY to the myspace!!!! i'm pretty much dying with excitement.
  • ^Looks like Japan gets it a week earlier as well?
  • took this @ TLA in Philly back in March. looooove
  • Hi guys! I've been a fan of OK Go for a VERY long time and have been reading the forums for quite a while, but never got around to actually creating an account and posting. Anyway.... for anyone who watched the VMAs last night... does Lady Gaga's ou…