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  • BeckiWitte said: Psychadonkykong - Psychedelic and very, very cool.  Also possibly retro There was also Psychadonktastic, Which is a describing form of that word?
    in Tim Comment by Astronazi July 2011
  • Yipee! Aross has a twitter! Now if only he would post again... We should provoke him LOL I already said hello to him. XD
    in Andy Comment by Astronazi July 2011
  • I have a few pictures I've found. Would anyone else like to contribute some pictures of the early days? OK Go photos/
  • I don't know if this belongs here, and I've listened to this song countless times without ever actually noticing it, but Milkman (Mashup/mixtape DJ) samples Here It Goes Again in his song Circle Of Fifths. Here's the link to the song: It starts …
  • Oooh. Edgy. I love it. And I'm so excited. Also, contributing with links: IMDB: Tracklisting for The Green Album: Official Website for movi…
  • Hello Mathispower! I've seen you from twitter! It's great to have you here. :3 Also, Anyone else following @arossexperience on twitter? Does anyone know if it's in fact the real Andy? It seems pretty legit, and he's tweeting @Timothynordwind like t…
    in Andy Comment by Astronazi July 2011
  • lucyislikls said: this skintight black knit shirt was now riding up his side like paul revere. hnnnnnng. I laughed so hard. You're so lucky! I can't wait to go to my first concert. :D
  • LMFAOO. Oh my gosh Amber, That gave me a straight 3 minutes of just pure laughing. Why do you always make me smile? LOL And I think this is a great idea, and once I steal Melody's camera (Possibly now since she's beside me) I'll dress up Nordwind-s…
    in Tim Comment by Astronazi June 2011
  • This is really irrelivent, but It's sad that whenever you see 180/365 you get Kanye lyrics stuck in your head. "24/7, 365, Pussy stays on my mind..." Arrrgh! Why, Kanye, Why?!
    in 180/365 Comment by Astronazi June 2011
  • YKYOW you watch Taking 5 and you jokingly think of kidnapping OK Go. XD
  • I don't like to complain, I really don't, But I haven't been able to sleep for the past 3 days and have had all nighters on and off for the past 4 weeks! ARGGGHH. OK, I'm done. Have a nice daaay. :) Also, I don't like the new tour page either. You…
  • Oh Amber, you make me smile SO much. XD YKYOW you have pictures! :D (Locker) Also, YKYOW you FINALLY get the Billboard issue and the day after you pretty much parade it around the school. XD Also, In case you missed my flip out on twitter, I ju…