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  • 359. After having a long day at school you can swing open your locker and instantly a smile comes to your face. :D Also, I finally found a friend who I made like OK Go just because she thinks that Damian is hot. She has some good taste.
  • Heh, you never know, maybe it's Dan. XD Also, does anyone know of any other copies of the Chica-go-go dance? I haven't seen it yet and I really want to! Living in Canada sometimes sucks. Or if anyone is really nice and awesome they could download …
  • YKYOW you listen to fun.'s "Walking The Dog" for the first time (Just got the album) and one lyric says "When I call you up so we can SHOOT THE MOON" and I start FLIPPING OUT. Also, everyone should listen to that song because it's such an amazing …
  • Nice one. Where'd you get this one? Is it recent?
    in Tim Comment by Astronazi May 2011
  • Haha, that's amazing! I've added more pictures so I'll post it whenever I can. XD Oh yes, office spaces too. XD I think it's cool also, I mean, I probably am in the top 10 of most decorated lockers. I don't know if that's a  good thing or a bad thi…
  • Also, Skylar: Whenever anything OK Go related happens at school, I fall out of my chair and scream. You're not alone. XD
  • I feel like the only one on the face of this planet that doesn't know what a DVR is. YKYOW: You switch lockers and you're trashing a lot of stuff. Random comics = Trash Meme pictures = Trash Garbage at the bottom of the locker = definitly trash …
  • I don't know, you could always ask them. XD I'd actually like to hear that, it would sound sweet. Keep crossing your fingers. :D
  • Yeah, That WAS a little far. She kind of annoys me. XD
    in Tim Comment by Astronazi May 2011
  • I like Paracadetes too. It totally works. Or Paracadoots, Paracadetters... XD @Becky: Yeah, but what about our hardcore OK Go fans who don't post/know/care about the boards? I don't really want there to be sub-genres of fan names. Also, has anybo…
  • So I don't know if this has been posted yet, but has anyone seen the iPhone 4 commercial? One of them has some interesting album artwork on it. -Wink Wink- Ok, so I couldn't find it on youtube, but it has the Oh No cover on it. XD And I also foun…
  • I kind of like it, It's catchy. I always just reffered to us as Boardies. But I guess that's not correct... Do we have any clever ideas on what we should be called? (Please, anything that's not gophers! XD)
  • Loving the namedrops Krista and Rachel. XD It's really sad that I only got to see like, 25 minutes of the concert. Did anything exciting happen with the #WildDamian?
  • Saw this this morning, Missed the bus in it's importance. LOL But I was ROFLing the whole time. XD
    in People Comment by Astronazi April 2011
  • Watching it! In case anyone needs the link it's right here. I'm probably going to have to pay $80 because I'm WAAAAY over my internet usage right now. But it's totally worth it X3