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  • I love the minute detail of it all.  In the video, sometimes its going so fast that my poor eyes can't follow what's going on!  I haven't finished watching them all.  I'm saving it as a reward after getting my work done ha! PS. Yay for new boards!
  • I had a happy moment when an Australian breakfast show here showed the entire clip on one of their segments today. I screamed because I was ecstatic that OK Go were on TV and now they're all super famous and all that hee hee!
  • I just yelled 'awesome!" out loud after watching the video. And I never do that! Oh there are so many great little bits, like the logo and the smashing the tv, and the lego and oh oh oh! And then I sit in amazement and think "how long would each …
  • Those are some amazing pictures RWS! In my head, I like to think of Damian and Tim arguing over who gets to wear the shorts at each night's show because they can't possibly both wear the shorts on the same night!! I kinda wish I stayed behind so I…
  • You're all very much welcome I'm not too sure why people are asking about Damian's head. Seems like something hapened to it at the Melbourne show. Hope he's alright.
  • Yes that's right! I knew it was Angus something but I totally had a mind blank!! Oops!
  • Right!! Do we still do gig write ups here anymore? I don't know. But I'll do one anyway because I feel as if it's keeping in tradition Hi-Fi Bar Brisbane, Wednesday 17th. So my friend and I got to the venue early and decided to kill some time …
  • It's OK Go Day for me today! I get to see them tonight woo hoo!!
  • It's been 24 hours since I got my hot little hands on the album. Have been listening to it while cocooned in a darkened room. It. Is. Beautiful. And then I had a really sad dream that Andy left the band and I was like "Noooooo!"
  • *sees dates on OK Go's facebook page* *throws up in excitement* OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! How have I not found this out until now? I am so seriously ashamed of myself. Will be there with bells on. EFFING bells on!!! Wheeeee!
  • Holy sweet potatoes, I must have psychic powers. After being away from the boards, I decided to re-visit on a whim (more like study procrastination) and SHAZAM! New music and video! Eep! Very VERY different sound from their previous endeavours. …
  • I want that Doctor Who pen-light thingy! Does it make the same noise? Argh! What is Paul wearing?!
    in Interpol Comment by LolaBert July 2008
  • I love the Fratellis but they don't love me. Evidence: They are playing two shows in Sydney while they are here in Australia, but none in Brisbane (where I live). Drat.
  • Gargh! I missed our one year anniversary! I don't know what I can do to make it up? Perhaps to say that I'm super excited to see 'Dark Knight'...and how the G-man is in it? I started from the very top of 'Stella' - When she walks down the street …
    in Interpol Comment by LolaBert June 2008
  • Ooh this PB sounds very interesting! Or maybe it's because I love stalking people!! Yay for all the Caspian/Peter love. They are both very molest-able indeed! Oh dear! Good things about being a college student - not having to go to school every…
    in Interpol Comment by LolaBert June 2008