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  • I sooooo love the new video! oh and did anyone notice andy running away at 2:11? ah, there's so much to find out...
  • QUOTE (PinkMuffin @ Jan 9 2010, 04:24 PM) Well, you have had the luck that you have seen them twice! I've never seen them live so it's twice as annoying that I won't see OK Go live this year again! :/ @Morrigan: Du kannst wirklich richtig froh sei…
  • I'd definitely LOVE to go!! but it seems I won't get the day off . monday is always a bad day for a holiday at my office *sigh*. and since Köln (Cologne) is about 3 1/2 hrs by car away from me I can't even go after work. I can't believe they come ba…
  • QUOTE (DJRose @ Nov 21 2007, 03:25 PM) Yep, she's a boardie *and* a Grownup. :-D *hugs* her Rachel and waves
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan November 2007
  • thanks Tabetha! yeah I'm a boardie...haven't been here in a long time - too busy . but I'll try to check the board as often as I can.. (and my Myspace profile, too). glad you like my pics! some more pics I took (and posted here a long time ago): …
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan November 2007
  • I can't remember the song, sorry .
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan June 2007
  • not sure if I ever showed you the Damian and Andy dance here? it's not very good; there's no sound and the quality is really bad, but I like the way they dance around each other while "untangling" their guitar cables .…
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan June 2007
  • I haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure if I want to see DK singing Ok Go songs without Ok Go....
  • ahh yeah there's a whole series of these pics somewhere on the net, the guys were posing with different people...I forgot where I saw them but I downloaded all of them....
  • QUOTE (rocksugar @ May 18 2007, 06:44 PM) Didn't Andy step on Dan's shoe? Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought I read/heard it somewhere. you're right, rocksugar!
  • got some pics to add too but they're not as good as Kareh's... I uploaded different pics as her because I also got some similar to hers . (I call this "treadmill ballet" .... lol)
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan May 2007
  • can't wait to hear more about it!!! thanks so much (again), IH7*!!!
  • I love it adds new slogans to my sig every time I post something new .
    in slogans Comment by Morrigan May 2007
  • great pic, Kareh, I think I haven't seen that before (Bielefeld?)... and katieyellow, your pic is PRICELESS
  • I made one some time ago but I have it on my home computer, and I'm at work right now, sadly ... (he definitely had a haircut before filming the video, it's MUCH longer in the Behind the Treadmills video...)
    in Andy Comment by Morrigan May 2007