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  • According to the box up the top, I haven't been here since September. Wow. Things have changed, it seems. The board is looking good!
  • squashedbanana said: I swear me and my friend saw a teenage Andy look-a-like today. He had the hair, the baggy hoodie and the jeans look that Andy had. Mmmmm. There's this guy in the grade above me who looks like Andy. He caught me staring at him…
    in Andy Comment by Nova August 2010
  • Happy birthday!
  • OneCheekyHobbit said: 4. My first crush was on Data, from Star Trek: TNG. O: He was one of my first crushes, too. :P Welcome!
  • ChristelAdina said: beckysioux said: ChristelAdina said: Edited to add: The cyborg stand-ins theory would help to explain Damian's ever-widening power-stance, come to think of it! Or he likes a good breeze. I just spit coffee on the keyboard, by…
  • All these photos are making my brain melt...
    in Andy Comment by Nova June 2010
  • Hello and welcome to both of you! Christel, your religion sounds AMAZING. ChristelAdina said: My favourite of the Heavenly Host is, naturally, The Archangel Iggy, smiting the wicked and slaying the dragons with a flaming mic stand. …
  • I love that picture, Becky! And Andy's intensly staring face sure is nice to look at.
    in Andy Comment by Nova June 2010
  • Mmm. That's a nice photo.
    in Andy Comment by Nova June 2010
  • violetchaos364 said: Oh good grief, I already have a behind the scenes vid. My first uploaded video! This is what I get for borrowing a camera. I've got it set for "unlisted" so you need to go there via the link (should you be interested). It's just…
  • Ha, this is such a cool idea. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  • Tempe, that's awesome! I had a similar experience the other day where a student at my school yelled "Please! Let it rain!" followed by "Ok…GO!"
    in Happy List Comment by Nova June 2010
  • - Paul Dano in Little Miss Sunshine. - Getting Last Leaf stuck in my head everytime I walk outside and see the last of the autumn leaves falling from the trees. - Getting stuff in the mail. - Pasta on toast.
    in Happy List Comment by Nova June 2010
  • Sack_Cakes! I'm not sure why, but I can't see the pictures of your guitar anymore. D: I saw it the other day, and it was awesome. Great job!
    in OK Go Fan Art Comment by Nova June 2010
  • squashedbanana said: Can you spot why this photo is so funny/comical? Hah. :P
    in Andy Comment by Nova June 2010