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  • THE smudge just sent his picture in
    in Quizmania Comment by Smudge October 2008
  • smudge did not like this earth quake smudge hears it was a 4.7 it was only 40 miles away from smudge
  • smudge has a secret to tell.. smudge knows where you can download free and legaly the new single from the crimea and its b-sides! Clickie.
  • smudge wishes the new album would come out soon, so andy would stop bitching about how long its taken
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ Feb 18 2008, 04:07 AM) the links for "Laid" and "Destiny Calling" both bring up the "Destiny's Calling" vid oh and vid for "waltzing along"...British rockstar cowboys, someone's just combined my three fantasies smudge is s…
    in James Comment by Smudge February 2008
  • smudge gets scared in nottingham smudge might get stabbed!
  • smudge thinks you should watch the other vids also miss tempie mr andy found out about them though his good friend KJ who lives and breaths James songs wherever he goes
    in James Comment by Smudge February 2008
  • smudge loves whoes line! smudge loves colin the best, he and his arctic turns!
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ Feb 18 2008, 03:45 AM) Are they British? they are as english as smudge be smudges andy is seeing them soon!
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ Feb 18 2008, 03:38 AM) Ooo, they have a really smooth sound. edit: Lol, I see why this would be one of smudge's fav bands Smudge, do you refer to yourself in the first person or only when that is necessary? smudge is a con…
  • the delays are one of smudges fave bands