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  • You know you're obsessed when... scorn people horribly for not knowing the names of the band members
  • Where in the hell do they get these ingenious ideas from. They struck music video goal TWICE. I still can't believe what I just saw.... -AndiBOT
  • My friend is actually a really huge fan of OK Go and was honored to even be considered to do the no worries there
  •'s very true...I've only seen it once though and I figured that someone else had already done a topic on it that I didn't bother to tell anyone that I had seen it. I've been seeing the JC Penny ones like crazy though. -AndiBOT
  • Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
  • Well, I guess "Make Believe" wasn't the best album to start your WEEZER collection with. Hell, it's not even the best album to end your WEEZER collection with. I've been a really huge fan of them for a while but decided to make "Make Believe" the f…
  • AWWW! Thankies guys! I would have been on the boards more, but I kinda forgot my password LOL. And when I cleared my cookies, it was no longer stored...oops! Thanks guys for the all the birthday comments! Love you all!!!!
  • hello...I'm here and new...just new to the board though...not new to being an OK Go fan. I'm AndiBOT. Just as good as Andi but 35% more fuel efficent. I'm also a really big dork -AndiBOT
  • Well, my day rocked. First, I woke up at 10...only going to bed 5 hours before. THEN, I didn't leave the house all day. I spent the rest of the day waiting for company that never showed. Then, as if the lovely events of earlier weren't great eno…
  • "I really like that one song of yours that goes *sings a line of the song*. What? You don't sing that? Damnit! What do you guys sing?! " "I wrote you a letter and you never wrote back! " "I didn't know you guys had a new album out!" " "Do y…
  • they just showed them! I hope everyone saw was awesome! I never knew they went on Daily Download and much less did THE dance! That was awesome!!!
  • The only thing I clearly recall right now is seeiong OK Go on CD:USA. They did "Oh Lately...". And I know I've heard "Get Over It" on random VH1 commercials and spots. OHHH...AND they were featured on VH1's Best Week Eever...their pannel was talk…
  • Andi
    in 9027 KM Comment by AndiBOT June 2006
  • QUOTE (tonetoile @ Jun 25 2006, 12:04 PM) Feel It- the Penfifteen Club Hell yeah! The Penfifteen Club are awesome! You live in LA or heard about them thru Myspace? OK Go-"It's A Disaster"
  • QUOTE (countrykicks @ Jun 25 2006, 10:16 AM) seeing as there is no limit, take mine as a festival line up The Strokes, The Vines, Ok Go, Kings of Leon, Nine Black Alps, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Archie Bronson Outfit, The Stills, The Futurheads,…