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  • WOW!! Y'all are amazing!! Here are a few of mine...... I used to be a microscopist at's one from a microscopic photography contest I entered: Nikon Small World 2002 Competition This one I took with my cell didn't capture…
  • Awesome!! I love FUSE!! Juliya scares me though. I'll try to tape it and see what I can do to post it....... Can't wait!
  • Meeting Fabian Cousteau two weeks ago had me up in the air until maybe yesterday. The guy is hot. He made a submarine in the shape of a fucking Great White shark. That is so fucking hot.
  • QUOTE (RoRo @ Oct 14 2005, 10:57 AM)hurray for ben folds! I'm gonna see him in November with the Fray in Atlanta!!! It's 2 days after my birthday!!! I love love love him. Listening to With Teeth - NIN right now.
  • I saw Best Week Ever too!!! I died when the guy was actually making fun of the dance....the only line he knew was "and fishnets blah blah blah"...too funny!! And I too love Mr. Bean and Finding Nemo. Is someone keeping score? OOOH It's a r-r-rac…
  • Kylie Minogue's Body Language. You know what I'm sayin And I haven't said a thing Keep the record playin -Slow
    in MUSIXXX Comment by bertie September 2005
  • Oh dear god, I MUST be getting old....the thought of a plumber coming over to fix my toilet right now is incredibly husband doesn't even know how to check the oil in his car....damn city boys. Go for the toilet thing.....especially i…
  • Hope Mr. Mr. Jorge, Whom I Adore, Whom I Adore at least partakes in the booty.
  • Oh dear god....OKGO on the same show as the Blue Collar Comedy boys!!!! I couldn't believe it.....Those 2 CDs (OKGO and BCCT) are the two most-played CDs in my car. I knew every word to DWYW and Jeff Foxworthy's jokes. I know, I'm a sad little red…
  • Tell me that Brendan B. Brown of Wheatus is not the cutest thing you've ever seen.
  • Tongues.....lactation......*hmmphfff*.......pleasure treasure?!?!.......capri pants!!! *gasp* ......BUTT-FUCK!!!!!! SINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*
  • Good luck Sarah!!! You gotta go visit one of my old favorite spots.......Southern Culture (YUM!) and check out Starr Hill for some great shows!!! Have fun while you're there!! P.S. We just found out that they are relocating some of the LA kids…
    in school Comment by bertie September 2005
  • Good luck Sarah!!! I lived in Charlottesville for 4 years while my hubby was in grad school at UVA.....I kinda miss the mountains....... Hope you won't have too much trouble getting caught up.......I'm so sorry this happened to you! Take care!
    in school Comment by bertie September 2005
  • annelida