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  • Um, yes ... if only words could explain my loooooooove of Dan Konopka. Although, I feel the pic below does a good job of trying ... yes, look at it in all it's glory. (AND YES ... Dan Konopka himself has touched that glorious sign that proclaims my …
  • 21 and finding it more of let down than I thought ... LAME! (You'd think I would have learned earlier in life that bigger numbers JUST means bigger problems.) ...
  • What must be understood of us Lawrence "indigenous folk" is that we like our spring weather AND that we had finally had a taste of it over the course of a few days prior to the bands arrival in town. A cold front (tragically) moved in the night befo…
  • I honestly can't come up with the words ... all that I can think of is a GIANT THANK YOU!!!! The show was TRULY AMAZING!!! (I think I'm even MORE IN LOVE with the band ... IF that's possible.) Plus, I got to meet Sara whom learned a VERY important l…
  • NOW I'M SOOOO BEYOND EXCITED for the show tonight!!!!!!!!! ... is it 9:00 yet?
  • Return is TOTALLY the first song they played the first time I saw them and the song THAT TOTALLY got me hooked ... I'm with you 100% it NEEDS to be there for the Lawrence folks ... I will cry (still love OK GO ... but cry) if they don't play it! …
  • I CAN NOT WAIT for this show (I cried a little when I saw they were gonna be here I was sooo happy!) .... ever since I saw them with Rooney and The (nasty) Donnas back in 2003 I've been HARD CORE hooked.