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  • I had the unfortunate fate of seeing this shirt yesterday while browsing the mall...and honestly it made me happy with a little bit of sickness creeping in there. It was great to see something related to the band being marketed to a bigger crowd but…
  • QUOTE (Angela87 @ Dec 2 2006, 03:18 PM) Where can I pick me up a box of those? It sounds scrumptious! Well If I ever own my own cereal company and the chance comes up to produce a line of OK Go's , you'll be the first to recieve a box. QUOTE (toi…
  • Way back in say February I made this in Computer Graphics class and I'm just now getting the idea to show some fellow fans the product. It's a bit damaged due to sitting in my drawer for 10 monthes. And btw, if you couldn't tell it's a cereal box.…
  • I trecked over to Best Buy today to find the new Bright Eyes release (btw, I couldn't find it) and found the new CD/DVD combo sitting on the shelf, four copies. Now I should have just bought it right there but the price was $19.99 and there's always…
  • This is getting to be a bit too much. I can't turn on the radio now without hearing HIGA and now The Simpsons? Yikes! And we all know Family Guy is better.
  • Has anyone noticed iTunes misspelling of the band's name? "O.K." Go....unacceptable.
  • "Good point." Pretty much sums it all up. That and "crumbly".
  • Since this topic has headed down shirt country I'll have to ask... has anyone purchased the black w/ dandy logo zip hoodie? The picture is so one-dimensional its hard to imagine the ways it must be fabulous in person/picture. A perfect pentagon h…
  • That is really fucking awesome. I wish it was available for sale because seriously I would be willing to pay money for it. Motivation is seeping into my thoughts now, I want to make a shirt.
  • Well, breakin' down now. Off of the self-titled cd- "...." Off of OH NO- Maybe This Time(I nicknamed it the waiting in line song) Everything Else- Aren't We Dozy
  • I bought it at Best Buy somewhere around 11:30am. It took forever to find it, someone at Best Buy seemed to think some dude named Kanya West was more important to display over Ok Go. So it was sitting on the bottom of a shelf on a random music isle.…
  • Futility Engine should blow your mind away...
  • Oh my. I bursted a blood vessel.
  • Well thats sucky. Rolling Stone? Telling Damian and Ok Go to lighten up? What a crock.
  • QUOTE (kickinshoes @ Jul 10 2005, 09:58 PM)i'm pretty sure the first part is "ticker tape parade" and the second, "and leave me stumblin' in the dark of night" (but i'm not positive) those blanks are killing me... i can't for the life of me figure…