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  • i totally agree re: nick zinner.
  • hi everyone i guessed this page would get a lot of viewing and thought that id take this opertunity as a massive ok go fan to tell you about a new movement involving msn messenger could anyone who has msn messenger change there screen name to Dolly Dagger and try and get all of your contacts to do the same please please please help it doesnt take much thankyou,
    Any quires add me
  • HEY cool idea martin. isnt that a jimmi hendrix song?
    i have changed my name.
    how many paople have joined in this? all doin it

    chris. smile.gif
  • hi chris thanks for your interest so far around 50 people i think have taken part in the Dolly Dagger movemnt and i hope there is still lots more ot them out there. thanks agin and nice picture. smile.gif
  • image

    nuff said.
  • image
    colin firth

    keira knightley

    jake gyllenhaal

    jude law

    uma thurman

    ewan mcgregor

    sarah lamb
  • my sig
    mr. tom ford.
    i bought his book. oh my god, there are some sexy shots of him in there.
    beautiful man
  • gylly is so amazingly beautiful.... even in donnie darko when he scares me kinda with his eccentric weirdness. such blue eyes and such brown hair agh he's so amazingly beautiful! lol....



    and I KNOW johnny depp is old enough to be my dad but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is one of THE most beautiful men alive...

    i also adore BIlly Crudup (you know from Big fish, nearly famous etc) he's well i dunno i just think he's ummm cute?! lol

  • I'm in love with all 3 of those guys...Jake is incredibly sexy, Billy was quite good-looking in Almost Famous, and Johnny Depp is the embodiment of my idea of the perfect guy.
  • I find Johnny Depp too old and somewhat annoying. lol.

    Jake Gyllenhall is okay but that first picture of him Jen posted is soooooo gay. he he he. I never thought he was cute at all until I saw Donnie Darko for some reason. Donnie Darko also ignited my love for Duran Duran.

  • haha that photo looked really good from far away til you realise he's in a mesh shirt HAHA i was like oooooh jake lying down and u can see his undies haha

    but now i feel he looks gay lol
  • yeah, donnie darko made me totally in love with jake gyllenhall, but i think i was probably more in love with his character than anything else. so sexy.
  • ha ha, yeah, mesh shirts are never a good thing.
  • oh matter what i say

    the truth is...this man is my true love

    is people told me i could only marry one would be edward norton. hes so cute with his little strange way of speaking. he went to yale and did yale dramat, like jenna!

    image hes hot too:

  • Edward Norton is kind of adorable, but not too adorable to where you just want to tuck him in and read him a bedtime story, but like hot adorable, which is a difficult thing to pull off, I think.
  • i totally agree

    but its true that its hard to describe

    like...hes cute in the way that you want to steal him and put him in your pocket but hot in the if he took of his shirt, youd totally melt
  • Well, if I must become "something else," I'll do it by reviving this classic thread with the beautiful...
    Shawn Christensen:
  • I know these posts are a million years old, but since I just saw them, I wanted to say that I love Sara with no H's choice of picture for Colin Firth.
  • hehe maaaaaaan, i LOVE this thread. Look at my old post whorageness (wow I just made a word biggrin.gif)

    and i have to add this man...

    *drools* cillian murphy. what a hottie haha.
  • cillian murphy is oh so hot... very nice picture jen

    i'm also rather enjoying garrett hedlund

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