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  • 2, it's my lucky number.

    would you sleep with someone even if you knew it would only be a one-night stand, and he would probably forget about you the next day?

    llamas or pie
  • QUOTE (GirlInTheDark @ Oct 2 2005, 04:42 PM)

    llamas or pie

    Pie...athough llamas are cool, pie tastes good. Also, thank you so much for saying no!

    milky way or snickers?
  • milky way. i don't like nuts.

    messiness or cleanliness?
  • cleanliness (i'm a neat freak)

    Break the arm you write with, or break your leg?
  • The arm, legs are of more use

    life of brian or meaning of life
  • QUOTE (giggleguy @ Oct 2 2005, 07:01 PM)
    The arm, legs are of more use

    life of brian or meaning of life

    I don't unerstand that question?

    Care to tell me what it's about?
  • uhr... you know the monty python movies?
  • The meaning of life! I mean, c'mon it has the song about sperm.

    which pickup line would you rather get:

    "Mind if I stand here until it's safe where I farted?"
    "Is this seat taken?" (as your ass gets grabbed)
  • "Is this seat taken?" (as your ass gets grabbed)

    i dislike the other one much more than this one.

    christmas or halloween
  • Christmas all the way! I don't get presents on halloween.

    the beach or the pool?
  • the beach no doubt

    math or history?
  • math. lol i suck at history n i kinda enjoy math.. dont laugh at me...

    the white stripes or franz ferdinand.
  • Franz Ferdinand!

    have your face drawn on with permanent marker or have your bed somehow transported to an unknown place (both when you are sleeping)
  • Unknown place...

    Skinny guys or football like guys...

    Stalk a guy that doesnt know you exist, or BE stalked by a guy you don't know exists?
  • be stalked by a guy i didnt kno exist. eventually i woul kno he exists. besides i cant stalk any guys. i love alex so ha!

    have someone else chew on your hair or chew on someone elses hair
  • wow, thats chew on someone else's hair...

    VH1 or MTV

    Fall off a horse or get kicked in the face by one?
  • Ooh that's a hard one, I say fall off

    Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?
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