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whered the hot go?

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its so darn cold over here in britan land...whats happend? its still summer damnit untill ive had my b'day!

i think i nearly froze at work yesterday....stupid cold work...AND i cut my finger open on the stupid lottery ive got to go back in in a hour for my 9 hour cold shift



i blame the lack of pandas in the world..


  • lol whens your birthday andy?!

    and yea, it is getting darn cold haha
  • as;dkjfakl;sdjf it's getting HOT here. i hate the desert. it's SUPPOSED TO GET COLD
  • it's deathly hot and muggy here in lovely new york
  • It's still pretty hot here in Colorado as well. We had a couple of rainy, cold days last week, but mostly it's been hot. I'm actually ready for it to cool down a bit. Not to fall (or autumn, as they say) temperatures, but to the point where I can walk around without feeling like I'm going to melt.
  • Last night in Ohio it got so cold I had to wear a jacket to walk to my car. I love it. I can't wait until the leaves start falling biggrin.gif
  • Yes, it's been just beautiful the past few days.. low 70's and sunny.. and it gets just cold enough at night to be able to snuggle up under my blankets, but not too cold in the morning.
  • my b'day next sunday!

    so cold at work i think i may have lost a nipple..
  • andy your birthday is a week before mine haha. 25 sept right? same day as my friends hehe biggrin.gif

    its so cold that for the past few nights i've had my duvet AND my blanket on smile.gif (tho I am pretty ill lol)
  • oo wow for close b'days

    so darn cold in this stupid town i live in....
  • Psh. I WISH it were cold here. Unfortunately, the southern US has no such luck. It's still hot and muggy and fall only started, what, 4 days ago...shouldn't it be getting cold??

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