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What are you listening to right now this second?



  • Kings Of Convenience, Paramore, OK Go, Jack Johnson, etc..
  • ANR (Awesome New Republic), "It's Around You."  Which is right here:)
  • The Trip..

    Aussie band..

    check them out

  • The OK Go Spring Tour USB.
  • Beach Fossils. Part of that whole surfer rock/lo-fi revival thing that's going on right now, but better than most, IMHO...
  • Kaze no tani no Naushika
  • *bump*

    Needles and Pins - The Searchers
  • OK Go, The Smiths, De La Soul, The Cribs, Jenny Lewis
  • "Sinus Infection" - The Aquadolls

    What happened over here? Where did everyone go??
  • I'm listening to Jonny Polonsky's The Other Side of Midnight. If you follow OKGo on FB & Twitter, you may have seen a post about it (and, if you are like me, you delighted in the description of it as "like Twin Peaks meets Prince." Of course, if you are me, you already knew about it because of Pixies connections and Jason Falkner comparisons! ^:)^ ).

    Anyway, Lay Down Your Arms and Sunset Night are THE SONGS of the day. And that's really saying something, because my copy of Rhett Miller's The Traveler also arrived today.
  • In reference to Damian's experience hearing "Rockit" for the first time...

    ...have you ever had an experience where a piece of music just totally hit you? So much that it stayed with you, affected you, and you remember the experience to this day?
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