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top 5 songs from your top 10 bands

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this should give you 50 songs overall...its a hard task getting anything down to 5 songs and bands and the such so give it ago...

All American Rejects
1.My Paper Heart
2. Your Star Listen
3. Swing, Swing
4. Move Along
5. Dirty Little Secret

2.Dont Ask Me
3.lately its so quiet (ohno)
4.a million ways
5.Get Over It

Hot Hot Heat owe me a iou
2.middle of nowhere
3.island of the honest man
4.Oh, Goddamnit
5.Goodnight Goodnight

Breaking Benjamin
1. Polyamorous
2. Skin
3. Firefly
4. I wish i may
5. So Cold

Taking Back Sunday
1. New American Classic
2. Number Five With A Bullet
3. A Decade Under The Influence
4. You're So Last Summer
5. Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)

Jack Johnson
1. Good People
2. Middle man
3. Banana Pancakes
4. Better Together
5. Mud Football

The Smiths/Morrisey
1. Panic
2. This Charming man
3. there is a light that never goes out
4. girlfriend in a comer
5. Redondo Beach

Brand New
1. the quiet things that noone ever knows
2. the boy who blocked his own shot
3. Soco Amaretto Lime
4. Failure By Design
5. Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades

Creed/Alter Bridge
1. one last breath
2. my sacrifice
3. in loveing memory
4. open your eyes
5. dont stop dancing

1. you got the style
2. half light
3. el salverdor
4. out of nowhere
5. modern mafia


  • jesus that's a lot to type....
  • OK GO
    1. oh lately it's so quiet
    2. you're so damn hot
    3. hello, my treacherous friends
    4. it's a disaster
    5. return
    (that was so hard. seriously)

    1. it's love you're on
    2. front page
    3. to rule the world
    4. how the story goes
    5. love her

    1. luckyhead
    2. what do i know
    3. hung
    4. what else could i say
    5. wonderful life

    1. hospital bed
    2. how it should be (sha sha)
    3. i need you back
    4. falling
    5. commerce, tx

    1. save me
    2. minute without you
    3. crazy beautiful
    4. rock n roll razorblade
    5. dream girl

    1. slow night, so long
    2. four kicks
    3. king of the rodeo
    4. the bucket
    5. taper jean girl

    1. goodnight goodnight
    2. middle of nowhere
    3. talk to me, dance with me
    4. island of the honest man
    5. jingle jangle

    1. bastard
    2. annie waits
    3. losing lisa
    4. landed
    5. you to thank

    1. shatterday
    2. stay home
    3. accident sex
    4. seconds away
    5. lipstick tourniquets

    1. bedshaped
    2. this is the last time
    3. bend and break
    4. somewhere only we know
    5. everybody's changing
  • ah crap i forgot about a bad person..
  • That's blasphemy!
  • ok, i'm spliting up ben folds and ben folds five.....learn to live with it.

    the bands are in no order, the songs might be...but more then likely not.

    Ben Folds Five
    1. The Last Polka (derr)
    2. Missing The War
    3. Evaporated
    4. Kate
    5. Don't Change Your Plans
    6. Emaline

    1. Suzanne
    2. Say It Ain't So
    3. Sugar Booger
    4. Falling For You
    5. Undone (The Sweater Song)

    that dog.
    1. Annie
    2. Being With You
    3. Eat Me Alive (anna waronker solo album)
    4. Family Functions
    5. Did You Ever

    1. Puppy Love
    2. Baby Can You Dig Your Man?
    3. Pathetic
    4. What Are You Thinking? (hence the sig)
    5. Trunk Fulla Amps

    1. Don't Push
    2. Badfish
    3. Doin' Time
    4. 40 oz. To Freedom
    5. S.T.P.

    Ben Folds
    1. Gone (one of my all time favorite songs.....yes, ever in life)
    2. You To Thank
    3. Zak and Sara
    4. Golden Slumbers (yes yes, i know it's a cover, but it makes me...something..every time i hear it)
    5. Evaporated (the awesome live version on Songs for Goldfish)
    6. Maple Leaf Rag (i have an awesome live version of him playing it...little known of my favorite piano songs)
    7. Say Yes (awesome elliott smith cover)

    OK Go
    1. We Dug A Hole
    2. Don't Ask Me
    3. It's A Disaster
    4. T's Song
    5. What To Do
    6. This Will Be Our Year

    Beastie Boys
    1. High Plains Drifter
    2. Groove Holmes (everyone needs to buy the In Sounds From Way Out)
    3. Slow Ride
    4. Car Thief
    5. Shadrach (what can i say? i'm a sucker for Paul's Boutique)

    Elliott Smith
    1. Happiness
    2. Between The Bars (also have an amazing version of Madeleine Peyroux covering it)
    3. Pictures of Me
    4. Sweet Adeline
    5. Say Yes
    6. Waltz #2

    Jack Johnson
    1. Better Together
    2. Banana Pancakes
    3. Flake
    4. Sexy Plexi
    5. Gone
  • Blarg - I do not know where to begin!

    OKGO (This is going to be hard)

    1:Hello my Trecherous Friends
    2:There's A Fire
    3:Bruise Gray
    4: Crash the Party


    2:Hallelujah *i know it's a cover but still*
    3:Pretty Things
    4: Gay Messiah
    5:April Fools

    Jason Mraz
    1:The Boy is Gone
    2: Curbside Prophet
    3: Mr. Curiosity
    4: Did you get my message?
    5:Dream Life Of Rand McNally

    1: The Masterplan (bside)
    2: Magic Pie
    3: Wonderwall (when Noel Sings it)
    4: The Importance of being Idle
    5: Married with Children

    1: Let Down
    2: Black Star
    3:Stop Whispering
    4: Lucky
    5:Street Spirit

    Xavior Rudd
    1: Shelter
    2: Let me Be
    3: No woman no cry
    4:Solace Among the sin
    5: Jorney Song

    The Beastie Boys
    1: Country Mike 's Theme (hahaha)
    3: Shadrach
    4:Bodhisattva Vow
    5:The Brouhaha

    Ben Folds
    3:The Luckiest
    4:Jesus Land

    Ben Folds Five
    1:The Last Polka
    4:Eddie Walker, this is your life.
    5:One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces


    1:Across the Universe
    2:Tomorrow Never Knows
    3:Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    4:For No One
    5:Hey Jude
  • not simple...
    i wound up with 11 bands, one of which had 7 songs... haha...
    *tries to get it down*
  • Ok Go
    -Do what you want
    -Don't ask me
    -No sign of life
    -There's a fire
    -1000 miles an hour

    -No surprises
    -Pyramid song
    -High + dry
    -Fake plastic trees

    Joseph Arthur (who I'm going out to see in 10 mins biggrin.gif )
    -Can't exist
    -In the sun
    -Devil's broom
    -Ashes everywhere
    -Leave us alone

    -She's electric
    -Cigarettes and alcohol
    -Don't look back in anger
    -The importance of being idle

    Stephen Fretwell
    -Lost without you
    -New York

    ...and I have to go now, will finish later smile.gif
  • remy zero
    1. fair
    2. apology for you
    3. yellow light
    4. twister
    5. goodbye little world

    bright eyes
    1. the calendar hung itself
    2. nothing gets crossed out
    3. method acting
    4. haligh haligh a lie haligh
    5. first day of my life
    6. loose leaves
    (sorry, i just couldn't only do five, getting it down to six was hard enough)

    1. idioteque
    2. just
    3. street spirit
    4. wolf at the door
    5. paranoid android

    dresden dolls
    1. half jack
    2. the perfect fit
    3. backstabber
    4. night at the roses
    5. the jeep song

    the strokes
    1. barely legal
    2. moden girls and old fashion men
    3. repitllia
    4. someday
    5. between love and hate

    fiona apple
    1. sullen girl
    2. the ways things are
    3. better version of me
    4. please please please
    5. limp

    the killers
    1. midnight show
    2. all the pretty faces
    3. jenny was a friend of mine
    4. show you how
    5. mr. brightside

    1. say hello to the angels
    2. cmere
    3. public pervert
    4. obstacle 1
    5. untitled

    ok go
    1. it's a disaster
    2. there's a fire
    3. the fix is in
    4. here it goes again
    5. hello my trecherous friends

    kill hannah
    1. don't die wondering
    2. goodnight goodbye
    3. nerve gas
    4. no one dreams anyway
    5. the collapse
  • QUOTE (76 @ Oct 20 2005, 10:58 AM)
    jesus that's a lot to type....

    yeah that's waaay too much work. I'll do a couple bands though.

    Ok Go
    You're So Damn Hot
    It's Tough to Have a Crush
    Don't Ask Me
    Bye Bye Baby
    Crash the Party

    The Calling
    Wherever You Will Go
    Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way
    Chasing the Sun
    For You

    Something Corporate
    Walking By
    I Woke Up in a Car
    Me and the Moon

    In Too Far
    So Contagious
    Seeing is Believing

    Dropkick Murphys
    The Dirty Glass
    The Rocky Road to Dublin
    Good Rats
    Walk Away
    The Spicy McHaggis Jig

    My Chemical Romance
    I Never Told You What I Do For a Living
    Thank You For the Venom
    Vampires Will Never Hurt You
    Drowning Lessons
    It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish

    The Matches
    Borderline Creep
    Sick Little Suicide
    Chain Me Free
    The Jack Slap Cheer
    Dog-Eared Page

    Wow, I actually managed to get 7 bands....
  • ill do this later.
    <3 for rufus. and beatles. and keane. and aar. and more wonderfullness people.
  • since everyone already knows i like okgo im not gona add them.sry.

    my chemical romance:
    1. you know what they do to guys like us in prison
    2. im not ohkay (i promise)
    3.thankyou for the venom
    4.its not a fashion statement, its a deathwish
    5.hang'em high

    Motion City Soundtrack
    1.everything is allright.
    2.dont call it a comeback
    3.modern chemestry
    4.the future freaks me out
    5.indoor living

    The Audition
    1. dance halls turn to ghost towns
    2.the ultimate cover up
    4.rep your clique
    5.smoke and mirrors.

    Marilyn Manson
    1.The reflecting god
    2.the love song
    4.the fight song
    5.rock is dead

    System of a Down
  • Sarah, I'm curious, what do The Audition sound like?
  • harry and the potters

    1. human hose pipe
    2. save ginny weasly
    3. stick it to delorus
    4. wizard chess
    5. the wrath of hermione

    ok go

    1. invinciable
    2. do what you want
    3. a million ways
    4. ant music
    5. get over it

    hawathorne hights

    1. ohio is for lovers
    2. Niki FM
    3. blue burns orange
    4. desolve and decay
    5. silver bullet

    my chemical romance

    1. thank you for the venom
    2. ghost of you
    3. helena
    4. im not ok(i promice)
    5. give em hell kid

    fall out boy

    1. sugar we're going down
    2. dance,dance
    3. saterday
    4. dead on arival
    5. Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldent get sued


    1. dirty little secret
    2. paper heart
    3. time stands still
    4. swing swing
    5. last song

    green day

    1. jeasus of suburbia
    2. home coming
    3. bulavard of broken dreams
    4. holiday
    5.american idiot
  • Smashing Pumpkins are my ulitimate favorite, but stellastarr* is getting right up there...I left out my old faves: Our Lady Peace, Weezer, and Incubus, so that I could include a couple of my fave local bands and the lovely Raveonettes...

    1. Beautiful
    2. Blue
    3. Disarm
    4. Today
    5. Zero (maybe)

    1. Somewhere Across Forever
    2. My Coco
    3. A Million Reasons
    4. Lost In Time
    4. On My Own
    5. Love And Longing

    OK GO
    1. Don't Ask Me
    2. You're So Damn Hot
    3. Return
    4. There's A Fire
    5. Let It Rain (maybe)

    1. Assemble The Empire
    2. Vacant Skies
    3. Cataract
    4. Lines In Sand
    5. Tensioning

    1. Raindance
    2. Karma
    3. New Instrumental
    4. What's It For
    5. Open Your Mind

    1. Nerve Gas
    2. Don't Die Wondering
    3. Chloroform
    4. Lovesick
    5. Agent Orange Skies (or maybe Unwanted)

    1. Sleeping In
    2. Be Still My Heart
    3. Brand New Colony
    4. Nothing Better
    5. Such Great Heights (or maybe DC Sleeps Alone Tonight.)

    Ettison Clio
    1. Ash In The Engine
    2. Othello Syndrome
    3. Still Everything
    4. Wildfire
    5. Crocodiles and Chocolate Covered Ants

    1. Eyes On The Sparrow
    2. Two Sided Fame
    3. Square Hips
    4. Astronominal
    5. Subsaharan

    The Raveonettes
    1. Seductress Of Bums
    2. Here Comes Mary
    3. Red Tan
    4. Ode To L.A.
    5. Twilight
  • * rooney:
    1. if it were up to me
    2. make some noise
    3. oh what a day
    4. sorry sorry
    5. death on two legs

    * ok go:
    1. get over it
    2. a million ways
    3. oh lately it's so quiet
    4. don't ask me
    5. you're so damn hot

    * everybody else:
    1. say goodbye
    2. meat market
    3. rich girls, poor girls
    4. faker
    5. best friend

    *phantom planet:
    1. 1st things 1st
    2. in our darkest hour
    3. hey now girl
    4. always on my mind
    5. lonely day

    *the redwalls:
    1. it's love you're on
    2. front page
    3. it's alright
    4. speed racer
    5. what a shame

    1. dead disco
    2. wet blanket
    3. succexy
    4. combat baby
    5. the list

    *the academy is:
    1. slow down
    2. black mamba
    3. season
    4. attention
    5. classifieds

    *rilo kiley:
    1. does he love you?
    2. portions for foxes
    3. jenny you're barely alive
    4. it's a hit
    5. science vs. romance

    *hot hot heat:
    1. goodnight goodnight
    2. middle of nowhere
    3. jingle jangle
    4. running out of time
    5. no, not now

    *the killers:
    1. mr. brightside
    2. under the gun
    3. glamorous indie rock and roll
    4. midnight show
    5. believe me natalie
  • the audition. hmm. is there a way i can like post a song on here so u can like click it and listen?
  • 76: good job liking self!! i know very few people who do.

    my list (i don't know if i can do this. i'm not one to choose favorites...):
    p.s: the songs and bands are definitely in no order.

    OK Go
    - We Dug A Hole
    - Don't Ask Me
    - You're So Damn Hot
    - Let It Rain
    - Invincible
    (this is a terrible list, probably not true at all...)

    Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five
    - You To Thank
    - Landed
    - Philosophy
    - Fred Jones Pt. 2
    - Don't Change Your Plans

    Rilo Kiley
    - Paint's Peeling
    - Portions for Foxes
    - The Good That Won't Come Out
    - The Absence of God
    - The Execution of All Things

    Rufus Wainwright
    - Poses
    - Instant Pleasure
    - Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
    - 14th Street
    - 11:11

    - Cold Cold Water
    - Make It Hot
    - Monument
    - Mt. St. Helens
    - The Garden

    Phantom Planet
    - By the Bed
    - The Local Black and Red
    - Always On My Mind
    - One Ray of Sunlight
    - Making a Killing

    - The Sound of Fear
    - A Daisy Through Concrete
    - Fucker
    - Cancer for the Cure
    - Rags to Rags

    World/Inferno Friendship Society
    - Charming Side of Drunk
    - Tattoos Fade
    - Go With It Girl
    - Lust for Timing
    - I Remember the Weimar

    that's all i can do...
    i'm procrastinating too much...
  • ooh rilo kiley. i like them.
  • The Strokes (i know it's more than five, but i can't help it! i love them too much!)
    - Clear Skies
    - Someday
    - Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
    - Reptilia
    - Razor Blade
    - You Only Live Once (well, these last two aren't officially released yet, but...whatever)

    OK Go (too hard to narrow it down to just 5)
    - Don't Ask Me
    - 1000 Miles
    - The Fix Is In
    - It's a Disaster
    - Oh Lately It's So Quiet
    - This Will Be Our Year

    The White Stripes
    - The Denial Twist
    - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
    - Blue Orchid
    - I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman
    - The Hardest Button to Button

    - Surf Wax America
    - El Scorcho
    - Peace
    - The Good Life
    - Knock-Down Drag-Out

    Hot Hot Heat
    - Le Le Low
    - Bandages
    - No, Not Now
    - Ladies and Gentlemen
    - Jingle Jangle
    - You Owe Me an IOU

    The Redwalls
    - Robinson Crusoe
    - It's Alright
    - It's Love You're On
    - On My Way
    - Rock & Roll

    The Colour
    - Tambourine
    - Until We're High
    - Mirror Ball
    - Open Up the Boulevards
    - Take Our Time

    Franz Ferdinand
    - The Dark of the Matinee
    - This Fire
    - Do You Want T0
    - The Fallen
    - You're the Reason I'm Leaving

    - Where It's At
    - Girl
    - E-Pro
    - Devil's Haircut
    - The New Pollution

    - Roots Radicals
    - Old Friend
    - Time Bomb
    - Junkie Man
    - Ruby Soho

    wow, i actually got 10! i'm just trying really hard to put off writing 2 essays...
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