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  • violetchaos364 said:

    ChristelAdina said:

     My comments in purple (shocking, I know!)

     And then Amber donated anyway.

    (I'm difficult like that.)

     I've been dreaming of OK Go a lot lately (not just the thing on Amber's Tumblr!). 

    (I cross posted on the Dreams thread, no worries boardies!)

    Last night, I dreamt that…. Then he kept coming up with things to give me. Like magically pulling things out of his pockets to make me smile.

    (Like "Shake Shake Heartbreak! And NOT the dream I imagined for you… heehee (that's NOT on the dreams thread)

    I totally didn't even think of that! Surprised But now that I am thinking of it, of both, I realize that one of the things he had was a little megaphone. SurprisedSurprisedSurprised (Meta OK Go dreams, months later!).




    On another note, what's the secret to getting people to Retweet? Seriously. Only three of my post/update Tweets have been reTweeted, and then only once each (by Amber, Heather & Rachel, respectively). It kind of defeats the purpose of Twitter in that sense if there aren't cacading reTweets... I'm not complaining, I just want to know what I'm doing poorly (there are the obvious things, like my laundry/towel day/panic tweet, that got RTs within one second because it's #TowelDay, but short of saying "Um, Mr. Gaiman..." how can I improve things?).
  • I've been kind of a Twitter bum lately, only reading search columns, mentions, and DMs.  As far as I'm concerned, send me a DM and tell me what to RT. :-)
  • I AM SOOOO CLOSE!!! LaughLaughLaughLaugh


    About $100 remains to reach my stated goal! Though, going a little over it wouldn't hurt because my silly self still miscalculated the "local ground transport" costs, and totally didn't figure in food. I was going to be all "Food? I don't need no stinking food! I have MUSIC!"

    Music be the food of love… (and I LOVE YOU GUYS!)


    In all seriousness, I thought I was going to be able to sell DVDs, but the power/elevator was out last Wednesday, which is, of course, when the Record Exchange said they'd give me cash. I got a trade slip the next day.  I also still have this big box of books that I keep trying to get someone to go sell for me (Our local booksellers refuse to accept my ID, because it's a Texas ID. This makes no sense to me, because most of the people who sell books in this town are students, half of whom are from out of state! Anyway, if I get someone to do this Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, that will help with food. Otherwise, I'll just be even more deleriously excited at the shows! Wink


    Now I must go do some other things (work, cleaning the bathroom, more work, editing work, etc.) before I write my latest update and do a Dance Of Celebratory Ecstasy [DOCE!]. I also must figure out which Heather, of the three who've donated, is which (Internet culture is mostly a first-name culture). I also need to figure out who the "anonymous"–AND totally unknown to me–donor of possibly French or French Canadian origin is. Purely to satisfy my curiosity (the rest of the anon donors are known to me, even though other viewers can't see who they are.)! 


    I'm Happy (Happy Happy!)! Cool
  • I got this email this morning!

    "Congratulations, Dot Dot Dot fans.

    You are about to attend an uber-special performance in which we, Dot Dot Dot, officially premiere the songs from our newest EP, III.
    You also get to witness the whole thing being captured on film for an
    episode of Chicago's legendary JBTV. You can expect to hear the whole EP
    performed live in an intimate studio setting (plus maybe a few Dot Dot
    Dot classics).

    We hope you are as excited as we are. As always, thanks for listening & for supporting original music. See you soon.

    Lisa, Rose, Michael, Marty, & Adam"

    EEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I get to go to a live studio taping of my fave band!
  • Yay, Becky! That's so cool.

    I guess it means I'll be buying more Dot Dot Dot in the future, too, huh?
  • The show was awesome. I'm so happy I was one of the chosen few to get into the taping.

    And to make the awesome even more so, Marty gave me one of his drumsticks. Squee! *happy fan girl jig*
  • beckysioux said:

    I'm so happy I was one of the chosen few to get into the taping.


    also just being at jbtv was a happy for me… i use to fiddle with my old rabbit ear antenna every week to watch when i was teen and into my early twenties, it was the first place i ever saw the get over it video…
  • ChristelAdina said:


    I'm Happy (Happy Happy!)! Cool

    Just saw this. :-D
  • My sister is picking up my mom tomorrow to take her back to Indiana. Last weekend I picked my mom up from Indiana and took her to Illinois. We are situated 6 hrs apart.

    If there was a relationship status thing for parents and children on Facebook, my sister, mom and I would be "It's Complicated."

    But, as for the visit:


    I'll be glad to get my house and what's left of my sanity back. Laugh
  • Boardies make me happy!

  • My husband :)
  • seeing a dog riding in the passenger seat with their head out the window makes me inexplicably happy...
  • That's a total happy Smile
  • AUTUMN MAKES ME HAPPY!! Fall is my favorite season.
  • Knowing that my friends have my back make me so very happy. I love you guys!
  • Went to see Lion King in 3D with my best friend and Ed the plushie hyena. Now THAT made me extremely happy!
  • :) becky makes me happy. ;) x
  • flipped on vh1 just as the here it goes again pop up video was starting!.. happy happy...
  • darbie_starpower said:

    flipped on vh1 just as the here it goes again pop up video was starting!.. happy happy...

    lucky!  i missed it again, by like 5 minutes...oh well


    so glad vh1 brought that show back, btw
  • DJRose said:  

    Um, so today is JP Jones day.  I have to work the day, but as soon as 5 rolls around I'm running home, making myself as gorgeous as possible, and going to see JP Jones.  And Chrissie Hynde, yes, but JP JONES.  He is Awesome, and Gorgeous, and he thinks I'm Awesome and Gorgeous, and I LOVE HIM.

    Awesome Gorgeous, Awesome Gorgeous, AWESOME GORGEOUS.

    So, um, this again, except instead of Chrissie Hynde it's IRWIN SPARKES.  Irwin Sparkes, the lead singer of The Hoosiers, band which is second only to OK Go in my hierarchy of band love.  A band I have not seen live save for two concerts in March of 2008. 

    OH, and I don't need to go home and make myself gorgeous because I did it already this morning, LIKE A BOSS.  So come on 5 pm because it is JP Jones and Irwin Sparkes Day!!!!!!!!
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