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happy b'day darbs



  • thank you... *looks out the window* oooh sunshine...
  • Happy Happy Happy Birthday Ms. Dabbs! Have a marvelous, glorious day!

  • Happy Birthday, Darbs! Hopefully the sunshine stayed shiny all day.

  • It is our Mod's birthday today, folks.  Bow in Awe of her Greatness.


  • Yay! Happy Birthday, Darbie!!!

    I hope you have an amazing day filled with awesomeness and OK Go!!! (And I hope you get some sweets, those are always good) Laugh
  • thanks you two...
  • Happiest of birthdays to you Ms. Starpower! Even though it wasn't Dot-filled, I'm sure it was still lovely.

    *Mod fist-bump*
  • it was dairy queen filled, so no complaints on my end... *completes mod fist bump*
  • Yes! DQ FTW. Sounds great to me. A continued happy birthday to you, Darbie!

    And thanks for the mod magic y'all weave.
  • *bows* :D Happy birthday!
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