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the strokes



  • cutee..

    but his yearbook picture is probably really..not good looking.. blink.gif
  • ya they usually aren't, but maybe it captures the insane similarities
  • maybe so.... =]
  • QUOTE (meliswilis @ Apr 14 2007, 06:36 PM)
    mellow.gif awwww that first picture makes me wanna cryyyy.. he's too skinny there...but someone gives him pleasure? ohmy.gif lol.

    the second picture is gorgeous.. =]
    the third odd..

    haha...the first one was from his b-day...yeah, a lot of ppl posted pics of themselves holding signs that said happy birthday and then he posted that one.

    here r some nice icons (NOT MINE!)
    image (hahahaha)
  • oh, i love them. i love them so much..
  • ^^^

    OH, YAY!!!

    i never knew there were so many strokes fans here. biggrin.gif
  • ^ yes indeedy! biggrin.gif

    although the lack of strokes on my ipod upsets me. i must do something about that...
  • i just recently was told that julian's last name is casablancas by a my friend who is a big strokes fan. that is just too cool!

    o and you are probably all going to be like "wow you didn't know that" but o well haha
  • ^^^

    hahah...that is surprising

    his full name is Julian Fernando Casablancas (his dad is spanish)
  • nice haha

    ya i knew that it was julian, but then when i heard the last name i was like, "whoa" haha

    oh and doesn't he live in nyc?
  • ^^^chkl

    New York

    idk which part tho
  • im pretty sure my asian friend knows.. shal i as her? haha

    i think she was planing on stalking him or something?
  • ^^^

    chkl, don't tell me tho

    im scared of what i'd do...

  • aren'r we all? haha
  • he lives in the east village-y, NYU, south of union square district.

    hows that for crazy asian stalker smile.gif hehe
  • ^^ ohmy.gif

    hahah. awwwww
    how did she get it?????

    now i really want to go to NY wink.gif

  • i dont know? she's asian thats how! haha

    yeh stake out and find him!
  • ^^^^


    i should, shouldn't i??

    YES! i will

    if i get caught by the police, its ur fault. k?
  • no, its the asian's fault!

    and yes, you should biggrin.gif
  • ^^^


    omg . . . what is up w/ u and the asian??? chkl.

    i hope theres some bush next to julians apartment. biggrin.gif
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