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I cannot stop listening to The View. I swear. I probably listen to Superstar Tradesman and Wasted Little DJs on a daily basis.

I wish more people here in the States knew about them. Or maybe I don't, so that they'll just play little clubs here.


  • I'm one of the rulers of finding European bands that no one in the States know of yet . . .

    That being said, I like the View. I'm a little upset because I expected a bit more from them, but they're all right. I'm going to see them at Lollapalooza . . . hopefully a live show will make me like them a bit more.
  • I quite like them. I don't think they're OMGSPECTACULAR! but they're better than I was expecting. I like that there's a bit of variety in their sound- the first cut from their album sounds more 60's classic rockish, where as "Face for the Radio" sounds more early-Beatles/Monkees-ish. I was expecting them to sound EXACTLY like the Kooks, but they don't.
  • bit disapointing really, they need more substance. theres only so many songs you can write about drinking, same goes to arctic monkeys... time to grow up lads.
  • my friend introduced me to the view (as tehre's the time when my internet broke and she started to spend the nights with looking for music instead of sleeping) and i really really like the view, there are of course better bands (OK Go, Fratellis or WAS) but it's great music for driving. And they belong to those bands i need to see live, as i want to see every good band live at least once.
  • New video, to go along with the upcoming new release!  Yay!
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