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happy b'day, DJ Rose



  • Happy Birthday Rachel!!

    This is your birthday song, it isn't very long...
  • Happy Birthday!! I hope you've had an amazing day and have an awesome birthweek (because it's always better to extend the birthday celebrating)!
  • Dear Rachel,
    Belle to our beast,
    Singer to our mermaid,
    Heart stealer of our rock stars,
    Happy Happy Birthday!

    May it be filled with all the love, cake, and presents you deserve! *Hugs*
  • Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriously - I am so very lucky to count you wonderful people among my friends. Thank you!
  • good job with the whole staying alive bit there. glad you made it this far. happy birthday mate. mate.
  • just arrived today so sorry if it's belated buuut:
    Happy birthday Rachel!!!!
    hope you've had an awesome day!!;)
  • Wishes aren't *really* belated until after Labor Day, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Joe and Mia!
  • *BUMP*

    Happy birthday my dearest darling sister Rachel!!!
    Hope you have an absolutely fantastic day my love, can't wait to see you again! smile.gif

  • Happy Birthday, Rachel!


    Thanks for all the advice and being awesome and for all the Paolo updates. smile.gif
    And for putting up with the Nutini nutters in general.

  • image

    Damian and I are wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you get everything you wished for!!
  • Andy is so gonna kill me --


    Oh, and just a little somethin' extra --


  • Wow. Just, WOW.

    First of all, thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. I wub.gif birthday wishes.

    Secondly OMG those pictures, Nance. Adam and I were both laughing at them! I hope ARoss sees them at some point!

    Finally, thank you Becky for posting that pic again. I definitely had a happy moment over that. biggrin.gif
  • happy belated birthday rachel!!!!
  • Thanks, Darbie! smile.gif
  • Happy Happy Birthday, Rosie....that's a song. You probably don't know the tune. But happy birthday anyway! wink.gif
  • So, I'm bumping my own birthday thread because this Friday I'm turning 30 and OK Go have declared it a holiday.  See?

    Tickets for all US shows go on sale this Friday, August 20th. Probably best for you to take the day off work, sing some songs, buy some tickets, make a little holiday of it. Tell your boss we said it was OK.

    OK, I know it's not in honor of my actual birthday, but you take what you can get, right?

    Also, 12+11 = 23, Beey0tch.

  • Ooo! Holiday! Happy happy birthday and huge huuuuuugs, you gorgeous thang.
  • Hmmm, I have some new "me and Damian" pics this year. I wonder which one I'll use this time to wish you a happy birthday from the both of us. 

    I guess it'll have to be a surprise.

  • I don't have any "me and Damian" pictures, so I'll leave that to Becky, but I will wish you the happy happiest of birthdays!


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