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Whenever I listen to this band, I remember sitting out in the cold one February morning last year with my friend. I had taken off my boots (since I've never had to camp in the cold and wasn't that bright about it) and wrapped my feet in whatever extra cloth I had in attempts to keep warm. We were numbers 36 and 37 in some weird loophole that allowed one tiny record store up on the Plateau to sell 50 coveted Arcade Fire tickets per night of performance. In some odd display of daring, we decided to camp out. Layered in so many layers that I had little control of my limb movement, we arrived a little before 5 in the morning to wait until 10 when the store would finally open.

I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but Montreal is fucking cold. And they love Arcade Fire. True stories. I think the latter is due to the fact that the band is from here. Hipsters rejoice.

It was so incredibly quiet. My friend and I took turns waiting in line so that the other could walk around the block to try and unfreeze toes (I swear I couldn't feel parts of my toes for about 2 hours after I returned home). Wobbling and unsteady. Despite the extreme cold, Montreal has this quiet quality to it where, even if walking down a busy street, it seems very quiet. It's the kind of place that makes me want to spend evenings holed up inside, without any computers or cell phones. Just me and books and friends and tea. And knitting too maybe.

Their music will now always remind me of Montreal in the winter, leaving the Ukrainian Federation post-concert and standing at the bus stop in the snow, a light dusting still coming down, orange lights reflecting and people still humming the songs.


  • O Arcade Fire! How I adore them haha

    You should really be a writer or something haha.

    Um well once again, this is one of the bands that one of my older brothers has gotten me into. Let's just say he's awesome. And ever since then, I have loved them. They're amazing. My brother is really into them. One of the concerts of theirs that he went to like 2 years ago or something, David Bowie walked on stage. I so wish I was there. I would have completely freaked out. I mean, Arcade Fire AND David Bowie?!?! Awesome. His friend actually fainted. Like when he walked out, he fainted. I love that story. And now whenever my brother comes home, we drive somewhere and we'll blast his ipod in the car, and I usually put on some Arcade Fire. And it's so much fun! And my brother does a great impression of David Bowie saying "Arcade Fire" like he did at the concert. He's so cool!

    I wanted to buy tickets to see them at Randall's Island in NYC in Oct, but it didn't work out. I was going to go with my brother and his friends, but couldn't for various reasons. The fact that I was busy that day and the lack of money for all of us was a bit of a downer. O and the abundance of needles and such on the grounds of the island was a bit of a turnoff. But i totally would have went. I'm just surprised it wasn't soldout in like 5 minutes because that has happened.
  • this is wierd... i was just listening to them for the first time in a while yesterday.

    wake up probably my fave... and #3
  • I've only listened to a few of their songs, that is the five or so my friend has sent me, and I like what I'm hearing. In fact, this thread has spurred me on to buy one of their albums this weekend. Thanks! smile.gif
  • QUOTE (agentnumone @ Nov 7 2007, 05:21 AM)
    ... and #3

    Oh yes. Apparently it was concieved during the big Montreal ice storm back in the day (i.e. before I lived here. However, it was apparently quite the storm). Still, part of me likes to pretend that having spent a winter here, I feel some sort of connection with the ice-imagry.

    Porifera: David Bowie induced fainting seems completely appropriate. Ohh Randall's Island. I've seen a couple of Cirque du Soleil shows there. Driving out was always quite the experience because it looked to us like some forgotten offshoot of land until we could see the tent. Dirt dirt dirt trash dirt TENT
  • Aw, Arcade Fire is so lovely.. I left them alone for a few months and came back to listening to them a couple weeks ago and appreciated them all over again (its a process I have to do for all bands).

    I hope I get a chance to see them live sometime.
  • Seeing them live is totally worth whatever effort you need to exert in order to get tickets. I would wait outside again; in fact, I think it made the whole concert experience better. It felt like I earned it, you know?
  • i saw them in september, it was a massive venue but they were still really good.
  • Arcade Fire - The Suburbs : new album Released August 2 2010 (Reviews)

    Produced by the Arcade Fire and co-produced by Markus Dravs, their eagerly anticipated 3rd studio album, 'The Suburbs', was written, arranged and recorded around Montreal and New York over the past two years. Includes the AA-side single 'The Suburbs' & 'Month Of May'. Presented in a digipak picture sleeve (available in 8 different sleeves).

    Arcade Fire Lyrics


  • sometime in 2004 there was HALF of a festival that was happening in a few towns over my country in my city. Half of it because only 2 of, I don't know, lots of other bands came to my city. I was going to see it because Strokes was one of the bands. The other was Arcade Fire, which till then, I'd never heard of. 

    I left that place in love with Arcade Fire, their concert is INCREDIBLE. But i'm kinda not the best to say this, cuz I always love when a band has a gazillion people on stage, it's always fun if they know how to work out their yeah, I basically really really like this band :)

    But i'm a walking cliché, Rebellion is still my favourite song from them.

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