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have you heard the magic? Amazing. I've been obsessed for a month now and it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.
if you like rufus wainwright, neutral milk hotel, patrick wolf, or balkan gypsy orkestar, he's your guy.


  • Yes. Yes please.

    I would think of something more clever to say, but I'm too tired.

    But yes.
  • ohmy.gif
    i just listened

    well he's just fantastic! <3 <3

  • Finally got one of Beirut's albums!
    I got Gulag Orkestar and its wonderful!!
  • I've been doing my own Beirut impression for a while now (mostly it's just me in drawn-out, low-tone wails)
    but I've been listening to the album again

    and it's almost kind of... sexy
    Is that weird to say?
  • QUOTE (tonetoile @ Mar 5 2008, 04:04 AM)
    and it's almost kind of... sexy
    Is that weird to say?

    oh my goodness, no!!

    it is sexy.

    they're coming to l.a. at the end of may but i have no money sad.gif
  • Donate yoruself to science! Most schools have grad students looking for volunteers to participate in studies (usually psychology or similar, nothing invasive or serious) where you can usually get at least $15 for an hours' worth of volunteering.

    It's always my standby.

    DO IT.

    I am so glad I'm not the only one who finds it sexy. Especially Prenzlaurberg. Something about it.
  • Just discovered Beirut. LOVE them! They are coming to a town near me this November. And I discovered them through OK Go! I was on Ok Go's Facebook page and someone had posted a video by CCT-SeeCity. I looked it up and "liked" their page. On that page someone had posted a video by Beirut for the song East Harlem. 

      this one is my favorite so far.
  • I absolutely LOVE Beirut

    I love their style

     I discovered them through one of my friends, who was obsessed with their videos playing on streets and around cafes. My friend would post almost every one of their videos as his facebook status and soon, I caught his wonderful Beirut fever. :)
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