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  • beckysioux said
    And of course, there's a new spammer. The username is ventage and here is one of the new threads they made: They made another thread, but I removed the content. It's a bit early for prom season. And it does look like ventage was a board member from before and the spammer hacked their account.
    ventage is indeed an old school!ers account...

    as for board categories, i'd personally be cool with just an ok go specific one, and a general one... seems the more subcategories we get the fewer posts there are overall...
  • Welp, ventage just made two new posts, one is in General Discussion and one is in Trucks. eThan, is there any way to remove posting access from ventage?

    And I agree with Christel and darbie about the categories. I don't think bringing in more categories will really help conversation, it might actually hinder it. If people don't know which category they should post about this new awesome thing they want to share with us, they might not post at all.

    Also, the private messaging doesn't seem to be working anymore. Do you know if the new incarnation of the Boards will have it? It's pretty useful if some of us only communicate on the Boards. Plus, it's handy to have the majority of OK Go things all in one place.
  • Is it possible to make the Board mobile friendly?
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