The MoAP

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Does anyone on this board have a clue as to what type of prop will be included from each video? I'm thinking of buying the MoAP but feel very curious about the type of prop to be included.

For example, if the prop included from the Rube Goldberg video was one of the ball bearings from the machine, I'd feel disappointed to have paid for the MoAP.

Conversely, if one of the props were something instantly recognizable from each video, I'd want to possibly frame it and put it on my wall.

I suppose the thing holding me back from the purchase is just some uncertainty about the actual content. $1200 is a big chunk of money to have so little explanation.

Also, since it will contain parts from all the videos that are made, will it all arrive at one time a long time from now (in the possibly gold box), or would I get parts of the package as the videos are released?

Let me know. Laugh I'm looking forward to getting the details, and there is no email contact for the Store.

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