Apple Buys Emi (And Ok Go)

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IPad 3D and Ok Go??  I'm in!

An April Fools Day prank but how sweet would that be!

From the article here

What we do know is Apple's got more of a future than major labels. Which is why the Cupertino company is smart enough to immediately close down new music development at EMI. It's about the catalog baby, unless you can stunt. Which is why Damian Kulash and OK Go are coming back. Yes, that was part of the deal, Jobs insisted. Upon launch of the 3G iPad, there will be a new OK Go video, to bump sales thirty days after the Wi-Fi launch. And, one year from now, when the 3-D iPad launches, the OK Go Rube Goldberg video will be free in 3-D for all purchasers. Along with a gratis copy of "Up" in 3-D. A 3-D iPad? 3-D TV makes no sense.
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