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OK Go official wiki? help for newbies?

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Hello all!  OK Go has been floating around in my consciousness for a while, mostly attached to They Might Be Giants, but recent exposure to Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky has grabbed my brain and redirected me entirely in an OK Go direction.  

So, I'm a brand new fan and I have lots of questions.  I've spent a lot of time looking for an OK Go FAQ or official OK Go wiki, but it looks like I've missed them.  Or they don't exist.  Can someone point me in the right direction, please?



  • Good call, Hensocks.

    Sorry Autumn, we don't actually have a wiki.  But ask, we're a friendly group.  If we know the answer we'll tell you!

  • Ok, thanks for the link.  Is there any interest in having a wiki, has it been done/abandoned or is there an anti-wiki sentiment, or anything like that?

    I'm pretty interested in participating in a wiki, but obviously I'm so new that I don't have the knowledge to contribute at this point, so I would be more useful doing set up, organization and research kind of stuff.  Would established fans participate if there was a wiki structure to dump all your collective knowledge into in a more organized way?  

    I can see having a really sweet wikispace with places for people to post setlists, show recaps, links to videos and photos from performances; discussions of lyrics/song meanings/whatever; guitar tabs, or other musical notation for the musically inclined; interesting trivia; links to interviews, articles, videos, etc.; maybe even a section for listing and defining Damian's famous neologisms.  It could be like a fan-generated partner site alongside OK Go's official web site.  Kind of like "A Handy Guide to OK Go", with ready access to basic information for newbies, and a solid framework to continue building up and sharing information in an easy-to-find way.

    Is there interest?  Would this be something useful and fun to do together?

  • It sounds like something that would be a lot of fun to put together.  I don't know of any projects like this previously attempted.  There was a fansite called OK Go Central that was fantastic a few years ago, but it was abandoned by its creators. 

    The only thing that gives me pause about the project is that the wikipedia articles on Damian, Dan, and Tim have all been deleted for some reason.  Andy still has one, mainly because of his Secret Dakota Ring project I assume.  It makes me wonder if maybe they decided they didn't want articles about them on the internet anymore.  I'll see about running it by the guys next time I talk to them and find out if there's any particular reason for it.  I know fellow Hornblow act Tally Hall has a wiki run by their Uberfans at Hidden In The Sand that they seem to support, so it can be done well.

    It could also be a great place to host downloadable versions of Appendices and all the other unreleased stuff we have. 

  • Oh, ok, yeah I definitely would NOT want to do anything that would annoy OK Go, their management or anyone else related to OK Go.  I've taken a short spin around the forum and it seems like the fans here are a pretty respectful and classy lot, and that's what the wiki would be based on.

    A fan-based wiki would be a way for new fans (and I think there will be a big influx, in light of the new CD release and the huge interest in the videos for the new songs) to find basic, factual information and get involved.  It seems like OK Go thrives on the interconnectedness and community spirit of the internet, and a fan-based wiki seems to me like a natural progression of their internet involvement.  The wiki would be a way to encourage community and creative expression, two things that I think are pillars of OK Go philosophy.

    In fact, I think that having a fan-based wiki would be a great way to create and encourage the kind of respectful discretion that the band would like to see in their fan base.  Having a high-profile gathering place populated by classy, respectful, appropriate fans sets the bar, or creates the atmosphere, of the fandom.  It gives those fans on the edge of appropriateness a context, a sense of where the line is and how not to cross it.

    If you (or anyone here) have the means and the desire to discreetly inquire as to whether or not the involved parties would be amenable to a wiki, that would be excellent.  I think it's a very good idea not to proceed until official sanction has been given.  I should admit at this point that I have very little actual wiki experience, but what I lack in knowledge and skill I make up for in enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.  I'm completely ok with whatever people want - if fans, or OK Go or whoever don't want a wiki I can completely understand.  However, for the above-stated reasons, I think that a fan-based wiki can really support the band and their desire for a classy, respectful on-line atmosphere.  I'm completely open to advice on the entire matter, and if there is someone with more knowledge and/or ability who would be a better person to start/manage an OK Go wiki, then I would be more than happy to support that person in whatever way is needed.

    Please excuse any weird disjointedness in this post - this is my third attempt at posting, and after trying to recreate my original post twice, amid a host of distractions and interruptions, I'm willing to bet that very little flow or sense is left.  And I'm out of steam.

  • Hey guys, I've been working on one for quite a while now in my free time.

    It's at

    I'm surprised, it's already getting hits and number two behind wikipedia on an "OK Go wiki" google search.

    If you guys could help me out with it I'd be greatly appreciated.  Just of course as you guys discussed earlier please refrain from putting in any info that may be too personal.

  • Cool!  Don't know how I missed it; will check it out. :)
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