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What'd I miss?

So I've been gone for nearly two weeks. I was in Kansas City, one of the most awesome cities in America. Midwest rocks.

Anyway, seems I missed some good Ok Go adventures and am too tired from the trip to read through all the threads at the moment. Could someone throw me a brief synopsis of what I've missed this week?

I thought this could be a good thread for regulars of the board who go away on trips and are computerless on their journey so that when they come back, they can bump this thread and ask for the quick soup and scoop of what they missed. Sound goot, yah?


  • I went on a trip for 2 years. What did I miss? Oh, I missed you all!
  • Good idea. I generally ghost more than I post but I haven't had internet access or time to do either this past month or so. I could use a synopsis. 
  • According to the box up the top, I haven't been here since September. Wow.

    Things have changed, it seems. The board is looking good!
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