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Seriously thought I missed this because their twitter said they would be on at 8 ET...  I logged on just as they were being announced - at 10:40ish.  Unless I missed their main set and this was just a short set to close out the program.  Nice jackets.  I would be nervous playing on those ladders, tho.

The site said there would be event highlights posted later, so hopefully there will be a recording.


  • Based on what is here, it seems they just played White Knuckles and This Too Shall Pass.  Not sure putting musicians on ladders is the best way to get an uninhibited performance, though!
  • Stayed up till 2.30 am to watch, enjoyed all the live feed.

    Was just a tad worried about them on top of those ladders,

    great jackets and an awesome performance seeing their position

  • I knew they would be doing something cool of course, so the ladders weren't necessarily a surprise. Silly me, though, thought they would get down for TTSP. Poor Andy with his death grip on the ladder during TTSP - how did he manage to play his guitar for WH when he COULDN'T grip the ladder?!

    The light pins on the jackets were beautiful! And a bit silly - hey, let's climb on ladders for our set AND poke pins in our jackets, so if we fall, we can get lights embedded in our bodies! Woot!

  • Nonsense, actually, you caught the second airing.  The whole thing was maybe an hour and 45 minutes, and then they replayed the whole thing.

    I too was concerned about the ladders.  It's because I'm Jewish and someday I'll be a mother.  I can't help it.

  • They could not do that in the UK without the ladders being secured, the boys

    strapped so tight they could not move, no lights on their jackets and a safety net

    just in case Laugh

    Though over here i think we go a little over the top with Health and safety.

  • I love it when the boys get new toys. Even when those toys are light-up pins. And those pins have the opportunity to impale them a little bit if they fall.

    I'm really glad that they managed to keep the harmonies in tune; when I saw the Mahogany Sessions recording of WK I was cringing so bad when they sang them the first couple times.

    I've actually done the guitar/ladder thing before, surprisingly enough. It's incredibly hard. (I was taking some arty pictures, if you were wondering.) Poor Andy and his death grip. He must be afraid of heights.

    When I heard they were headlining, I thought they were doing a full electric set. I guess acoustic makes more sense, that would have been a b*tch to mix.

  • Dear Lads,
    While I love the jackets—black with little glowing sparkley Christmas lights embedded in the fabric—GET THE HELL OFF OF THOSE LADDERS BEFORE TIM GETS HURT!
    Your faithfully,
    The Ok Go Band Dentist

    I mean, seriously if there's ONE THING I actually learned in my dental time in Mississippi, it's how to take care of dental trauma in rambunctious boys. Don't make me go there.

    I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't listen to "White Knuckles" unplugged, acoustically, or what have you. It makes me sleepy.

  • I have to concur.  I love every acoustic verstion of their tunes except White Knuckles.  Maybe it's because it is already one of my favorite tunes off the new album with it's strong percussions and funky beat.  Somehow the slower, simpler acoustic version makes the lyrics sound sad to me?  It certainly doesn't have a "let your hair down" feel to it.  idk
  • The ladders made me quiet nervous too. I can't STAND ladders! Surprised Damian looked like he did that every day, though... poor Andy!! He really did look nervous!
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