New Fan of the Band!!! ;) Help I need some answers

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I have been introduced to the awesome music of this up and coming group; and live close to Providence RI.

They are playing a LUPOS friday nite, along with Fairhaven (a band I know nothing about).  I am in my 40's and have a daughter 11 years question is  Is this venue an appropriate place for my ex- husband to bring my 11 year old daughter??  My thoughts are......  I think it is a Bar/nightclub, where adults are drinking and having fun.  I maybe over protective but isn't 11 years old toooooo young to go to Lupos?  Even if it is to see a great band?  Please let me know what you think because I haven't been out to a nightclub in some time but I have never seen a young person of that age ever in a bar atmosphere.

   Thanks for any advice you can offer

        Keeper44  ;)


  • Hey Keeper, welcome to the boards.

    I've never been to Lupo's, even though the guys have played there a few times since I've been a fan.  What I can tell you is I've seen kids at OK Go shows before at bars/nightclubs/etc. usually starting at about age 9-10.  What you need to find out first is if the bar will let them in.  If the show is all ages, then you're alright to bring your daughter.  Another thing I'd do is size up the radio station that is sponsoring the show (because the show is being billed as "Dunkin Donuts BRU-haha" so it looks like the station is playing an active role here).  I took a look at WBRU's website.  They look pretty okay, not too bad/sexist/over the top, whereas if WMMR (Philadelphia station)were sponsoring a show I'd think twice about taking a kid (compare websites to see what I mean).  Finally you should probably be aware that Damian (the lead singer) curses.  A Lot.  F-bombs.  I'm not sure if that bothers you, but it's good to know anyway. 

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