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ARoss vs. Andy Duncan?



  • You did a good thing here. Because of this thread, and the questions you asked, people realized it might be OK to share "appendices," and Becky set up the Gmail account. Thank you for that!
  • I'm not trying to scold you. I was pointing out that this has been discussed before, including, if my memory serves me correctly, a recent thread in which someone went on a caps-lock rant railing against how awful Andy Duncan is/was, which was insulting and totally uncalled for. Perhaps it's distaste with conversation such as that which leads me to think the whole thing is sort of silly. In any case, there's definitely been threads about it before.

    I was also trying to put the original quote into context, because I was actually active on the Boards when it happened, and, ya' know, was the "new person" replying in your quote. (My memory was good enough to recognise Karleigh's words, but not my own. Heh. Confused) I guess it is interesting to look back on the idea of Andy Ross not fitting in, which is totally alien to the newer fans. It's really the fact that I knew where and who that statement came from that reminds me of how ridiculous it was in the first place. I mean, she'd been on the Boards for a week at that point, and hadn't been a fan much longer than that...

  • The best thing about this thread was that it inspired me to go back and read some of the earlier posts on the Don't Ask Me thread, where I noticed that Tempe (Now almost at 8000 posts) was celebrating her 200th post and saying that she someday hoped to be in a league with Jedi_grrlie (now at 4550) posts, who STILL doesn't have as many posts as Karleigh (4585).  Even though Karleigh has been gone for most of the last 4 years. 

    Oh the difference 4 and a half years makes...

    (AND 23!  MATH WIN!)

  • Well sure, I know it's a silly debate - Andy Duncan did great things.. I mean jeez, he helped to give us the first two albums, which we would hardly have OK Go without, would we?  xP

    We also probably wouldn't have OTBCOTS without aross, though, at least not quite the same, and jeez, that would just be weird too.

    Therefor, both Andys are awesome, and it's a silly debate.  Just fun to point out now, five years later, that it was ever that big a deal to someone (even if that someone was just being silly)

    And I really don't get why anybody would make an all capslock post bashing Andy Duncan.. that's just plain weird.. ><

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